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d : 12 July 2008 • 12:37AM -0400

[DOTNET-WEB] AssociatedControlID in a custom templated control
by Bill Bassler


Can anyone point me to information on how to suppoer AssociatedControlID
for Label controls that might be dragged into templated panel-like server

I have a control that I created that supports expanded and contracted
panels so that you can drag any controls into the panels at design-time.
However, when I attempt to set the AssociatedControlID property to
associate a Label that is also inside of the panel I get a non-sensical
design time duplcate control ID FindControl error on the Label control in
question for the first control that exists in the template. This would
seem to some kind of naming container issue where maybe the Label control
is attempting to find the control defined in the AssociatedControlID
property but it cannot.

Is there something maybe I need to implement in TemplatedControlDesigner
code to wire this stuff up?

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