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d : 6 August 2008 • 8:01PM -0400

[DOTNET-WEB] User Configurable Menu
by Brady Kelly


I'm using a Menu control dynamically populated from a database table, and
need to provide the users with a facility to edit the menu items.  Currently
I only cater for two levels of item, but three are now required.  I would
like, if possible, to use the actual menu as a menu editor, when somehow
placed in 'edit mode', and I am considering changing the persistence to an
XML file to handle the hierarchical relationships better.  My concerns here
are being able to limit menu items exposed to certain users only, and to
prevent manual editing of the XML file breaking the menu.  Maybe an
automated backup that will go to 'last known good menu'.  Suggestions on how
I may go about this will be most welcome.

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