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d : 16 January 2008 • 1:17AM -0500

Delegate.BeginInvoke and EndInvoke.
by Bhatnagar, Amit


I have made a service to timeout a method call by launching a delegate
asynchronously via BeginInvoke. The documentation states, indirectly,
that the call to BeginInvoke should be followed by a call to EndInvoke
to prevent leaks. However, I am not sure if the call to EndInvoke is
required should the delegate timeout because the call to EndInvoke will
block the thread and wait for the delegate to complete. So I think what
I have is OK, but can anyone confirm if the call to EndInvoke is
required if it timesout?

See the following code:

IAsyncResult asyncResult = d.BeginInvoke(null, new object());

if (asyncResult.AsyncWaitHandle.WaitOne(7000, true))
   // Not timed out...

   //Timed out ... EndInvoke required here?

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