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d : 19 March 2005 • 6:55AM -0500

[drakelist] SW-4 S/N UPDATE
by W8DRZ


W8DRZ@aol.... made an utterence to the drakelist gang

  So far I have received 17 e-mails from SW-4 / SW-4A
owners. Every scrap of information helps with sorting
out this Drake puzzle.

I don't have enough information yet to do a serial  Number breakdown of the
SW-4A versions but I do have
news on the SW-4.

A SW-4A with a serial number of 230 has been reported. This is most
interesting as I own SW-4 S/N 225. With only 4 radios between the first version
and the reported "A"version.

This would indicate that a much smaller number of SW-4's
may have been built making it perhaps the rarest Drake
production radio known.

As of yet I have not heard of a SW-4 with a S/N greater than 225 or a SW-4A
of less than 230.

Make's one wonder where they meet, hi hi.

More to come


Jim - W8DRZ

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