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d : 16 January 2006 • 8:12AM -0500

Buttons over video
by Bob Stearns


Can anyone point me to a simple tutorial on creating buttons over
video in DVDSP4? I've done this before in 2 & 3 and should know it,
but for the life of me I can't seem to recreate it in 4. . .probably
because I lost the tutorial I had used previously and the user manual
isn't very clear. I have a short clip (24 secs) that I want to use as
a menu with "4 buttons over video" that appear approx. 5 seconds into
the clip. I've created the two chapter markers, with the first marker
designated also as a "highlight marker", and created the subtitle
clip on track S1. I created the 4 buttons, but in the Subtitle editor
I can only create text for one button. How does one create the text
for the other 3 buttons, overlays, additional subtitle clips, ???
Bob Stearns
Next Chapter Graphics
P.O. Box 5158
Hacienda Heights, Ca. 91745
Studio          - 626-369-2890
Cell                - 626-482-1280
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