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e : 25 October 2011 • 8:37PM -0400

[ekonomi-nasional] Re: )><((('> Fw: Anti Capitalis demos in Germany
by Harlizon MBAu


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2011/10/23 <e_chatra@yaho...>

> Pendulum ideologi ekonomi mulai bergerak. Kapitalisme ternyata tidak hanya
> menyengsarakan rakyat negara morat-marit spt Indonesia, tp juga rakyat
> negara maju. Genderang pergerakan sudah ditabuh. Apakah kaum intelektual di
> negeri ini masih akan berdiam diri dan mengurusi diri sendiri?
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> Subject: )><((('> Fw: Anti Capitalis demos in Germany
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> Subject: Anti Capitalis demos in Germany
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Anti-capitalist demos in Germany

Sun, 23 Oct 2011 03:47:31 GMT

Thousands of people have held demonstrations across Germany to protest
against the dominance of banks, *Press TV* reports.

On Saturday, about 2,000 demonstrators, calling for system change and
democratic alternatives to capitalism, marched toward the German Bundestag
(parliament) building in downtown Berlin.

They managed to occupy the lawn outside the Bundestag despite a heavy police
presence, with around 700 policemen securing the streets.

However, another group of protesters in Berlin was banned from setting up a
protest camp outside the city's Chancellery, where police had put up
barriers to keep out protesters.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in the United States, the
demonstrators say they are determined to continue their protests.

In Frankfurt, at least 6,000 demonstrators gathered at a protest camp
outside the European Central Bank, where at least 150 activists in 80 tents
are peacefully protesting.

Demonstrations were also held in Cologne, Stuttgart, Munich, and Dusseldorf.


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