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e : 31 August 2007 • 6:34AM -0400

Running the Palm Simulator on Windows Box...
by Titus Purdin


I have been writing Palm programs for quite some time, but pretty
much in a closet (not much interaction with other developers).  I
have used POSE for the bulk of this work, but cannot locate (or
successfully download a Treo 650/680 rom.  So, I tried to use the
Palm simulator on a windows box.  It comes up.  I tell it that I
want to use the rom file: Simulator.CingularGsmRelEnSP.rom.  It pops
up an antiquated Palm display and asks me English? or Espanol? and
indicates that I should press the center button to express my choice.
But the windows box mouse doesn't seem to have any effect.  Does it
not simulate the stylus at that point?  Kinda frustrating.  *Or* is
there a way to continue to use POSE with a 650/680 rom?  All of the
software I am writing is still in 68K.  Thanks the time and attention
of anyone that is willing to aim me in the right direction.

Titus sends
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