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e : 1 September 2007 • 10:51PM -0400

Download ROM program won't work on my brand new Palm TX
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Trying to do this so I can run the emulator.  

Connected via USB to Windows XP Home computer.  

Click Begin Transfer on Palm with emulator software "Waiting", status on Palm changes to Sending ... and slowly increases to 13% (about 5 mins) then screen on Palm goes blank, it appears to reset itself, then shows a Prefeences screen asking to confirm location, date and time.

PC shows Transferring ... and indicator advances until Palm resets, then does nothing until I click Cancel button.

Tried different transfer speeds, always does the same at the same stage.

Help, I'm looking to develop some software for this device and can't get past first base.  Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with my Palm?
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