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e : 1 February 2006 • 12:59AM -0500

[Enotes] Alert: Calls needed today on federal budget
by Michael Sullivan


Connecticut Voices for Children
January 31, 2005


In this E-Notes, you will find:

1) Call Your Congressman About Budget Reconciliation Conference Bill
2) The U.S. Senate Takes Up the Tax Reconciliation Bill.

1)  Call Your Congressman About Budget Reconciliation Conference Bill

A key federal spending bill (known as the "conference agreement") is
scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House tomorrow, February 1.  This budget
bill would make damaging cuts and harmful programmatic changes to important
programs like Medicaid, child care assistance, Temporary Assistance to Needy
Families (TANF), student loans, and other services for Connecticut residents
in need.

When our CT House members had their first chance to vote on the conference
agreement on Monday, December 19th, Representatives Shays, Simmons and
Johnson voted YES on the bill.  (Representatives DeLauro and Larson voted
NO.)  Representative Simmons has said that he will vote no this week when
the conference agreement is taken up in the House.

Please call the offices of Representatives Shays & Johnson today or
Wednesday morning and say:

"We urge Representative Shays/Johnson to oppose the reconciliation
conference agreement  (S. 1932) that will be harmful to the citizens of
Connecticut.  We hope that Representative Shays/Johnson will review this
bill carefully and then vote NO.  A NO vote would be consistent with
Representative Shays /Johnson's earlier votes against H.R. 4241 and the 2006
Budget Resolution."

Rep. Chris Shays:        (202) 225-5541 (DC) or (203) 579-5870 (Bridgeport)
Rep. Nancy Johnson:   (202) 225-4476 (DC) or (860) 223-8412 (New Britain)

Please call Reps. Simmons, DeLauro, and Larson and say:

"Thank you for your opposition to the conference agreement of the budget
reconciliation bill.  Please ask your colleagues from Connecticut to oppose
this conference agreement and please also oppose the tax reconciliation

Rep. Rob Simmons:      (202) 225-2076 (DC) or (860) 886-0139 (Norwich)
Rep. Rosa DeLauro:      (202) 225-3661(DC) or (203) 562-3718(New Haven)
Rep. John Larson          (202) 225-2265 (DC) or (860) 278-8888 (Hartford)

Background on the budget reconciliation "conference agreement":
* Increases the federal deficit, since the spending reductions are far less
than proposed tax cuts
* Increases the divide between rich and poor Americans.  Nearly
three-quarters of the "savings" in the conference agreement are achieved
through cuts to essential supports for children, students, families, and
individuals, many of whom are low-income.  These cuts help pay for tax
reductions that disproportionately favor the wealthy.
* Decreases America's investment in its future by cutting student loans,
Medicaid, the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), and child
support and foster care support
* Rejects the more sensible cost-saving measures that had been adopted by
the Senate, that that would have avoided changes that would harm low-income
Medicaid beneficiaries

For more information:

2)  U.S. Senate Takes Up Tax Bill

The U.S. Senate is expected to take up the tax reconciliation bill - also
tomorrow, on Wednesday, February 1st.  Although Senators Dodd & Lieberman
have opposed this bill in the past, please call them and say:

"Thank you for opposing the tax reconciliation bill in the past.  Please
continue to oppose this bill."

Senator Chris Dodd:           (202) 224-2823 (DC) or (860) 258-6940
Senator Joe Lieberman:      (202) 224-4041 (DC) or (860) 549-8463

Background on the tax bill:
The Senate tax reconciliation bill, while less extreme than the House tax
bill, also heavily benefits wealthier Americans.

This brief summarizes the House and Senate tax proposals:


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