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f : 3 April 2006 • 11:41AM -0400

Jewish Left, Israel and the Dying of the Left Ideal
by fightback


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Jewish Left, Israel and the Dying of the Left IdealMost of the divisions between Zionist Jews and non-Zionist Jews, exceptfor some extreme orthodox Jews were blurred, after the Holocaust, with therestoration of the Jewish Homeland. But a few on the fringe continue topromulgate their anti-Zionist propaganda about Israel.Most of the Jews who were involved with socialist and peace and justicemovements found themselves being isolated by a left which sympathized withArab propagandists and apologists. As the vanguard parties began to fallapart and groups like the New Jewish Agenda found no commonality orunderstanding for their attachment to Israel Jews began moving more intomainstream politics and so
me kept on going to the right and formed the newneo-conservative movement. Most major left wing publications either foldedor moved more to the right also. And there is no genuine Jewish leftanymore.Today the Left is Anti-IsraelTo Support the Destruction of IsraelIs to Support the Destruction of JewsAnti-Zionism is Anti-SemitismContinued here:

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