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f : 15 April 2006 • 8:05PM -0400

Bunko Man and You Haven't Seen Anything Yet!
by fightback


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"If you liked gas at three dollars a
gallon, you'll love it at five dollars or more. If you liked fighting
26 million people in Iraq, you'll love fighting 68 million in Iran. If
you liked turning Sunni Muslims against us, you'll love turning Sunni
and Shiite Muslims against us. If you liked war in the Persian Gulf,
you'll love war all over the Middle East."
You haven't seen anything yet...
George W. Bush is convinced he is right and he is also an idealist, albeit
a demented and deluded idealist, just as Adolph Hitler also was a demented
and deluded idealist.

George W. Bush is a Continuation of Over 200 Years of American Imperialism
/"It has become a truism to state that
September 11, 2001 “changed everything” as well as that “nothing will
ever be the same again.” In fact, little has changed in the imperialist
tendencies of American foreign policy since the founding of the United
States of America in 1789. The fledgling United States government
opened the 19th Century by stealing the continent of North America from
the American Indians, while in the process ethnically cleansing them,
and finally deporting the few pitiful survivors by means of death
marches à la Bataan to bantustans (a.k.a. reservations) as a first
instance of America's self-styled “manifest destiny.” The imperial
government of the United States of America opened the 20th Century by
stealing a colonial empire from Spain, (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam,
Philippines), then inflicting a near genocidal war against the Filipino
people, while at the same time purporting to annex the former Kingdom
of Hawaii while subjecting the Native Hawaiian people (the Kanaka
Maoli) to genocidal conditions 1 —all in the name of securing America's
“place in the sun.”...Now, the 21st Century witnesses the effort of the
imperial government of the United States of America to steal a
hydrocarbon empire from the Muslim states and peoples surrounding
Central Asia and the Persian Gulf under the pretexts of “fighting a war
against international terrorism” (Afghanistan) and “eliminating weapons
of mass destruction” (Iraq). 2 For the past 215 years the imperialist
foreign policy of the United States of America has been predicated upon
racism, aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against
humanity, war crimes, and slavery. At the dawn of the third millennium
of humankind's parlous existence, nothing has changed about the
imperialist operational dynamics of American foreign policy. Plus ça
change, plus ça reste la même chose."/ARTICLE:

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