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f : 30 November 2008 • 11:30AM -0500

Re: [Finale] Rehearsal measure numbers
by Cecil Rigby


Hi Andrew-

Well, I use Fin09, but it seems this functionality should be the same for you, even if the dialog boxes may be a little different .

I've done what you describe with the measure tool before (had both measure numbers and rehearsal lettering).

Simply right-click the tool and choose edit measure number region.

Set up (Add) a new region that encompasses however much of the piece you want to cover (all is easiest: e.g. 1-998)
Then in the drop down options for style choose the lettering you want.
On the right hand side of the dx you can set the enclosure shape, and even EDIT it, if you like.
Make sure Always show on top staff is checked

Set other options as you need (how often to appear, etc). You can always change all that as you would the appearance or disappearance of a regular measure number, of course.

You might also make a list of the measure numbers and letters associated with them so if you want to make parts with multimeasure rests included you can go back and split measures as needed so that the rehearsal letters appear.

Hope this helps-

-Cecil Rigby
Liberty, SC

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  From: Andrew Levin
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  Sent: Saturday, November 29, 2008 11:00 AM
  Subject: [Finale] Rehearsal measure numbers

  Collective wisdom,

  I can't seem to find an elegant way to do this:

  (Mac OS 10.5.5, Finale 2009b)

  I'd like to have rehearsal markings that are measure numbers, that are
  enclosed, and that have the functionality of the newly-named score list (top
  line of the score, all parts).

  I know I can do this as an expression, but I like clicking on a measure
  (with the measure tool) and having the correct measure number show up.
  Here's what I go through (I'm working on a string quartet):

  1. Opt-shift a measure: inserts measure numbers on all staves
      (though oddly, only the top one is enclosed)
  2. Select handles of the lower three numbers, then
      a. Double-click handle to assign enclosure
      b. Right-click to Unlink in All Parts
      c. Right-click to Show/Hide Based on Region

  Using expressions -- create one once, then duplicate and edit actual measure
  numbers -- is much simpler. But is there an even simpler way?

  (Of course, it probably took me longer to write this email than to have gone
  through the entire score creating measure number rehearsal marks using
  Expressions, but I'm thinking of my next project).


  Andrew Levin

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