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f : 4 January 2007 • 4:45AM -0500

Curitel PC5740 Wireless Modem (EVDO)
by Ben Hacker Jr


Dear Sir,

I am attempting to get a Broad Band Modem working on:

    sony# uname -a
    Tue Dec 19 16:55:50 EST 2006    
    root@sony...:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/SONY01  i386

The device is a Sprint PC5740 pc card.  When I perform a "man umodem"
the card is listed (vendor = Curitel)

    UMODEM(4)              FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual            
         umodem -- USB modem support
         device umodem
         device ucom
         The umodem driver provides support for USB modems in the
         Device Class using the Abstract Control Model.  ...

         The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes
    it behave
         like a tty(4).

         Devices supported by the umodem driver include:

         o   3Com 5605
         o   Curitel PC5740 Wireless Modem
         o   Metricom Ricochet GS USB wireless modem

As stated above this should be recognized as a usb "ucom" device.  I
stopped the usbd and restarted using "usbd -dv".  When I inserted the
device I received the following console message:

    sony# usbd -dv &
    [1] 753
    sony# usbd: opened /dev/usb0
    usbd: opened /dev/usb1
    usbd: reading configuration file /etc/usbd.conf
    usbd: opened /dev/usb

    sony# usbd: ctrlr-attach event bus=2
    usbd: driver-attach event cookie=4 devname=uhub2
    usbd: device-attach event at 1167852825.963798000, OHCI root hub, NEC:
      vndr=0x0000 prdct=0x0000 rlse=0x0100 clss=0x0009 subclss=0x0000
      device names: uhub2
    usbd: Found action 'USB device' for OHCI root hub, NEC at uhub2
    usbd: ctrlr-attach event bus=3
    usbd: driver-attach event cookie=5 devname=uhub3
    usbd: device-attach event at 1167852826.599332000, OHCI root hub, NEC:
      vndr=0x0000 prdct=0x0000 rlse=0x0100 clss=0x0009 subclss=0x0000
      device names: uhub3
    usbd: Found action 'USB device' for OHCI root hub, NEC at uhub3
    usbd: driver-attach event cookie=6 devname=ugen0
    usbd: device-attach event at 1167852828.349083000, Curitel
    Communications, Inc., Curitel Communications, Inc.:
      vndr=0x106c prdct=0x3701 rlse=0x0000 clss=0x0002 subclss=0x0000
      device names: ugen0
    usbd: Found action 'USB device' for Curitel Communications, Inc.,
    Curitel Communications, Inc. at ugen0

Please notice that the last two lines indicate that the device was
attached to "ugen0" rather then the "ucom0" that I was expecting (and need).

I tried to make sure the proper devices were available by manually
loading them prior to inserting the card.  Here are my loaded modules:  
(See items 4 & 5 below)

    sony# kldstat
    Id Refs Address    Size     Name
     1   13 0xc0400000 47ca94   kernel
     2    1 0xc087d000 45b8     snd_t4dwave.ko
     3    2 0xc0882000 22b88    sound.ko
     4    1 0xc08a5000 3000     uftdi.ko   <<<<
     5    2 0xc08a8000 32a8     ucom.ko    <<<<
     6    1 0xc08ac000 59fa4    acpi.ko
     7    1 0xc2c4e000 16000    linux.ko

Any help will be greatly appreciated!  Please reply directly as well as
to the list.  I am not currently subscribed.  (More info on my

Ben Hacker, Jr.
Network Systems Administrator
  strbenjr {at}
  ben_hacker {at}
  703.751.3757 (h)
-- -- --

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