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g : 18 September 2007 • 5:48PM -0400

[Gadis-Malaysia] Ayuzip - Kembalikan DARA


Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion – To Return Your Virgin (See Many More)             Item ID  Brand  Model / ISBN / SKU  Type  Condition  Sale Price    7798995  LOVELORN    For Sale  New  RM 39.90
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  Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion – To Return Your Virgin
  Another product specifically to bring back women virgin. Ayuzip Intimate Lotion product is invented based to a benefit from manjakani herbs, mas cotek and kacik fatimah. This main ingredients formula with the combination of the leech oil is functioning to produce pheromone. Pheromone able to attract your couple’s passion in having sex, to cure a impotency or refused emotion against your partner and also slow down menopause process. The functions of this product are compacting the vagina beside to disappear smell, bacteria, maintained a pH, fading the indelible and also to maintain the natural colour. Ayuzip Intimate Lotion also able to cure the effect of the skin wrinkle at intimate part and increase a passion of women’s sexual activities. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion very suitable to be practicing by a teenager who is not married in order to avoid a gynecology problem. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion is a must for your daily life and to return a glory during your virgin’s era. To get a
satisfied result, you are advised to apply Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion after you clean up your vagina. Make sure to wipe a vagina’s area after cleaning. After that apply one drop of the Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion to vagina lips and clitoris. As same as apply the lotion onto your body. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion no needs to wash after use. For additional delight during having sex, apply onto vagina before intercourse. Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion to make fragrant of the vagina and also compacted vagina.
  (price RM39.90)
  Ayuzip V-Gin Lotion – To Return Your Virgin
  Ayuzip Intimate Lotion dicipta berasaskan kebaikan herba manjakani, mas cotek dan kacip fatimah. Bahan-bahan utama ini diformulakan dengan campuran ekstrak minyak lintah yang berfungsi untuk mengeluarkan pheromone yang dapat menarik keinginan seksual pasangan melalui deria bau, memulihkan mati putik atau rasa dingin terhadap pasangan serta melambatkan proses menopous. Fungsi utama produk ini ialah merapatkan vagina disamping dapat menyah bau, menyah bakteria, merawat keputihan, mengekalkan pH, memudarkan kesan gelap pada kulit dan mengekalkan warna semulajadi. Ayuzip Intimate Lotion juga mampu merawat kesan kedutan kulit di bahagian intimasi dan meningkatkan ghairah seksual wanita.
    1. SENSAOIL - 39.90   2. SENSA CREAM - 19.90   3. SENSA RING - 39.90   4. SENSA VACUUM PUMP - 79.90   5. AYUZIP V-GIN LOTION - 39.90   6. AYUZIP V-GIN DRINK - 59.90   7. AYUZIP BODYLICIOUS - 39.90   8. AYUZIP FAIRLADY - 49.90   9. AYUZIP CURVYLICIOUS - 59.90

   [input]                                       RM 39.90
Peninsular Malaysia : RM 9
Sabah/Sarawak : RM 16
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  Delivery Charges:
   RM 9 (Peninsular Malaysia)  
   RM16 (Sabah/Sarawak)
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