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g : 18 January 2012 • 1:23AM -0500

Re: [Gcl-devel] [Maxima] maxima for windows with modern gcc/gcl
by Camm Maguire


Greetings!  Great to hear of your progress.  BTW, I build frequently
under latest wine/mingw packages in Debian, together with
maxima/acl2/axiom, without issue.  Had a native windows box too recently
and got things working.

axiom needs xdr.  Latest glibc moves the functions, and my configure fix
was too stringent.  How about this:

--- 16 Jan 2012 20:08:03 -0000
+++ 17 Jan 2012 17:21:56 -0000
@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@

AC_ARG_ENABLE(xdr,[ --enable-xdr=yes will compile in support for XDR],

AC_ARG_ENABLE(xgcl,[ --enable-xgcl=yes will compile in support for XGCL],
@@ -1046,8 +1046,12 @@

-    AC_CHECK_LIB(tirpc,xdr_double,TLIBS="$TLIBS -ltirpc",AC_MSG_ERROR([Need xdr_double])))
+if test "$enable_xdr" = "yes" ; then
+      AC_CHECK_LIB(tirpc,xdr_double,AC_DEFINE(HAVE_XDR) TLIBS="$TLIBS -ltirpc",
+    AC_CHECK_LIB(rpc,xdr_double,AC_DEFINE(HAVE_XDR) TLIBS="$TLIBS -lrpc",
+    AC_CHECK_LIB(oncrpc,xdr_double,AC_DEFINE(HAVE_XDR) TLIBS="$TLIBS -loncrpc"))))

@@ -1373,17 +1377,17 @@
LIBS="${LIBS} -ljapi -lwsock32"] )
-if test "$use" = "mingw" ; then
- if test "$try_xdr" = "yes" ; then
- LIBS="${LIBS} -loncrpc"] )
- fi
- if test "$try_xdr" = "yes" ; then
- LIBS="${LIBS} -lrpc"] )
- fi
+dnl if test "$use" = "mingw" ; then
+dnl  if test "$try_xdr" = "yes" ; then
+dnl LIBS="${LIBS} -loncrpc"] )
+dnl  fi
+dnl else
+dnl  if test "$try_xdr" = "yes" ; then
+dnl LIBS="${LIBS} -lrpc"] )
+dnl  fi
+dnl fi

# Should really find a way to check for prototypes, but this
# basically works for now.  CM

David Billinghurst <dbmaxima@gmai...> writes:

> A couple of days ago I posted a windows installer for maxima-5.26.0 at
> See
> Having set up the build system, I decided to try it on a current mingw/msys installation. As some of you know, it is a tricky build as gcl on
> windows is touchy.  The last version of gcc that could be used to build gcl was gcc-3.3.1 from August 2003, and you need to have an ancient mingw/
> msys install.  See the INSTALL.win32 file in maxima cvs for the details.  There has been some progress with gcl.  One can now build gcl with the
> latest mingw32/msys using gcc-4.6.2 and successfully build a working maxima.  While the build works on 32-bit WinXP, I haven't managed to reproduce
> it (yet) on a 64-bit Windows 7 machine.
> Anyway, I have uploaded a test installer of maxima cvs 2012-01-16 using gcc-4.6.2 to
> This is still work in progress, and some documentation is required, but I'd welcome feedback.
>         David
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