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g : 19 April 2011 • 4:44AM -0400

[general] GNOME translations and more
by Abderrahim Kitouni



A few weeks ago, Khaled Hosny asked [1] that someone else takes care of
coordinating GNOME translations. And I'm going to be that someone [2].

Currently, we are at 82%, which is not bad considering that most
applications are above 95% and only a few applications are seriously
lacking (to anyone wishing to help, these are: network-manager-applet,
gnome-packagekit, gnome-disk-utility, gcalctool, and for the brave

Also, the development tools are quite lacking (with anjuta at 57% and
glade at 56%). These shouldn't be given very high priority, but there
are already some translations by Muhammed Nour ready for review. Any
volunteers? The problem here is that we haven't much discussed
development related terms, let's try to bring more activity to the

Another thing that I want to discuss is the website, we should probably
get a website that doesn't look it came from the previous century (I'm
not asking for a highly interactive site, but something that would be
translatable and nice looking). Last time this was discussed, the idea
was to use Drupal, but not much work has been done. I think the problem
(not only for this but all over Arabeyes) is that there wasn't really a
leader. It isn't easy to be a leader, so I'm not blaming anyone, but
with some dedication from a few people we can probably get something
done. FWIW, I've made (with some help by Sohaib Afifi) a little
prototype for a website in Python/Django based on a design by Youssef
Chahibi. (I'll try to publish it somewhere)

And last but not least, I'd like to organize something like a monthly
meeting on IRC, in order to keep people motivated. A recent thread on
the doc list [3] (mainly the 2 last messages in the thread) shows that
there is interest in making things a bit more active, and I'd like to
help in this.

So what's the best time for you? I'm leaning towards something like
Thursday/Friday/Saturday at 16:00 UTC, as that would be week-end evening
for most, but I'm open to proposals. What do you think?

I hope this wasn't too long, and thanks for reading along. Now, I'd like
to know your ideas/opinions.



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