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g : 26 May 2009 • 3:37PM -0400

Re: Apache CommonNet 2.0 support
by Simon Kitching


Dale Harris schrieb:
> Hi,
> I was wondering where I can ask to get support for Apache CommonNet 2.0 as I
> have an issue with TelnetClient class not connecting.  I am using Java
> 1.6_13 on Windows Vista.  The supplied telnet example doesn't work when
> trying to connect to a local telnet server; Putty works okay.

The library is "commons net", not CommonNet. Googling for that gives:
as the first hit, which is correct.

Click on the "Project Information" link to see info about the project
mailing lists. You should first join the "user" list, then email your
question to that list.

Regards, Simon

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