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g : 3 February 2011 • 11:03PM -0500

Preparing Children Sexually - session on 5th feb
by Geniekids


**What do you do when

   - Your 4 year old is seen playing with his or her genitals?
   - Your 7 year old holds your bra and asks why don't i have breasts?
   - You are watching TV with your 9 year old and suddenly an intimate scene
   comes on the the screen?
   - Your 12 year old asks you "what is the meaning of rape?
   - Your 15 year old is caught watching porno videos on internet?

Well we do not have an answer as to what you should do, but we have some
perspectives which help you explore your role as a parent in preparing
children to understand themselves, their relationships and the exposure
today's world / media offers to them.
Actually more important than preparing children sexually we need to prepare
ourselves on how to respond to children's exposure, thoughts, and actions
related to sexuality. Inviting you to a small but power packed session on

*5 Feb **2011 Saturday ** **Preparing children Sexually *
A workshop for parents on 'How to talk', 'What to talk' and 'How to
prepare' your child sexually - for today's high exposure world.
Suitable for all ages - right from 0 to15 years! More about this session click
here <>
*timing 11 to 12:45pm*
*Fee:* Rs100 per parent (*Free * for Success Saturday, Khoj, Aarohi, and TTT
*To register click here <>

*The workshop is conducted by *Aditi *who is co-founder of geniekids and has
worked for more than 10 years with children of all ages, parents and
teachers. More about aditi click here <>

*Other programs for parents in Feb 2011

*12 Feb **2011 Saturday **Khoj Pre Primary - Orientation (open house) -
Letting children learn naturally. *
To read about the Khoj Pre Primary school for children 2 to 5.5 years click
here <>*
Timing 11 to 12:30pm** Fee:* No fees - this prog is free for all

*19 Feb ****2011 Saturday **Aarohi Life School - Orientation (open house)
**- How Learning happens in **Aarohi Life
* - understanding natural learning.  *
To read about the Aarohi life school for children 5.5 to 15 years
click here<>
**Timing 11 to 12:30pm **Fee:* No fees - this prog is free for all

*26 Feb ****2011** - *saturday *Maximising Dev through Multiple Intelligence
*MI is not a method - rather a framework to foster development of the child
- right from early years to career choice. This session gives you awareness
of all eight intelligences and its Implications. Suitable for all ages -
right from 0 to 15 years
*Timing 11 to 12:30pm** - Fee:* Rs100 per parent
*Free * for Success Saturday, Khoj, Aarohi, and TTT program

*To register for any of the above please click

* <>*

*Parenting Insights Videos*

We've initiated series of small (informal) videos (less than 4min)
in which we share a specific *insight with parents.
*We hope these small "Bites" would be good food for thought!
We have done two and will keep doing more

   1. Geniekids Parenting Insights #2 - Why praise isn't
   2. Geniekids *Parenting Insights* #1 - Fussy

Do give your comments preferably in youtube itself or at this page on our
website <>

Warm Regards
Aditi & Ratnesh
Geniekids Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd
There is genie inside every child
come lets discover the magic
Phones: 2520-2510, 411-61-575, 98450-45833
Geniekids Learning Center:
No 3023, 8th Cross, 13th Main (NPS road), HAL 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560008
Please give us feedback at
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