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g : 18 April 2011 • 10:52PM -0400

[Gimp-web] new website
by Alexandre Prokoudine



So I spoke to Jimmac, and he told me he has no time to do the new He also said *everything* has to be done. That's IMO a bit
of exxageration given some work already done in static-html5 branch.
However it still means we need somebody else to do the work, as both
Jimmac and Andy Fitzsimon have no time to lead the project, but are
ready to help with core stuff.

Earlier we agreed that we want the new site to be static + JS for
updating content. However I don't remember a discussion on exact
content, or maybe I just missed it, because I wasn't around all the
time at the meeting last LGM.

Hence three questions:

1. Do we want to stick to everything we have right now (with
subsequent cleanup of FAQ and tutorials) or do we want to let go of
something and/or do something new (videos?)

2. Do we already have specs for the new site? I.e. pyramidal approach
to layout and suchlike?

3. Which way of finding new webdesigner and webdev should we go?
Announce a contest like the one Inkscape did on DeviantArt? Just write
news on and sort through everyone who sends anything?

The whole thing is likely to take months, so we need to start *now* if
we intend to have a visual refresh for 2.8.

Alexandre Prokoudine
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