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g : 24 August 2011 • 12:46AM -0400

[Gimp-web] integrating tasktaste and more
by Alexandre Prokoudine



I'm currently dealing with a complaint from a user that it's not
possible to find out what things are being worked on, what things are
planned and what things will never be done. He is not entirely correct
in his assumptions, but he sort of has a point. And while I don't
think that it makes a hell of a sense to publish exactly such a list,
I can think of a few ways to improve the situation.

1. "Get involved" page ( It has major
points nicely separated from each other. However it doesn't link to
existing feature roadmap in the wiki and doesn't tell about
development priorities. Therefore I suggest to enhance the "Hacking"
section on the page to include:

a) the tasktaste chart, so that everyone could see what needs doing to
get every new release done. Martin, is there a way to embed charts to
web pages? Some sort of youtobe/flickr/soundcloud-like code?

b) exceprt from feature roadmap with a link to the full version, so
that everyone could easily see what major things we have in plans.

c) an invitation to develop new tools and a explore new ideas, using
GEGL for implementation and staying in contact with usability team.

I can do all of that.

2. Better contact with community. Mukund and me can easily maintain a
blogs planet. that we already maintain is a wee bit
large and unfocused regarding GIMP. We only need to find out who to
contact to get the ball rolling.

P.S. Martin, I wasn't sure if you are on gimp-web list, hence CC.

Alexandre Prokoudine
Gimp-web mailing list

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