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i : 30 September 2011 • 4:55PM -0400

ANN: GWorkspace 0.9.0
by Riccardo Mottola


I'm pleased to announce that GWorkspace version 0.9.0  is now available.

Many thanks to all those who helped with testing or contributed with patches, especially Philippe and Sebastian.

What is GWorkspace?

GWorkspace is a workspace manager for GNUstep.

Changes in version 0.9.0

Enhancements / new features
* Customized icons for special folders (Desktop, Images, Music, Documents, System, Library)
* default font size instead of fixed 12 points
* re-enabled sound playing in content inspector
* webloc file handling

* Extensive drag-operation fixes
* volume mounting ported to NetBSD, FreeBSD and generally a more robust FSNodeRep
* portability issues fixed (SPARC crashes, HURD constants)
* security fixes
* crash fixes
* updated to work with changes in recent base and gui packages and obj-c runtimes
* draw fixes for recent gui rounding
* build system fixed (GWMetadata)

Where can you get it? How can you compile it?


You can download sources from

The official homepage of the project is:

Riccardo Mottola

Info-gnustep mailing list

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