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i : 2 May 2006 • 3:59AM -0400

[iText-questions] Left Margin Question
by Adrian Nadeau



We are trying to create/print a landscaped page using iText (version
1.3).  Is there an easy way to get the PDF to print at the very start of
the page on the left side (Left Margin).  We have tried setting the left
margin very low (even setting it to negative numbers like -130 etc).  
When you view the PDF it's definitely way over to the left, sometimes
even cutting off the image that is in the table cell but if we try to
print it, the page printed still has a small margin which is throwing
everything off.  I think you can edit the printer settings to "Minimize
Margins" and then it possibly might work.  Just wondering if there is an
easier way to handle this with iText code so the user doesn't have to
edit their printer settings?  Any help or suggestions would be great.  
Thanks in advance.


Adrian Nadeau
VP, Development
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