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j : 30 April 2012 • 9:49PM -0400

Re: [jibx-users] Configuring PermGenSize for jibx-maven-plugin
by Don Corley



There should be a way to increase the PermGenSize for a maven plugin since
they are run in a forked jvm.

I tried to find a way to do this within maven, but could not. You might
look at several plugins that do this by adding a config line, such as:

If you can't find a way to do this within maven, just submit you patch as a
pull request on github and I'll integrate your code right away. The
jibx-maven-plugin is here:

Good Luck!


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> Subject: [jibx-users] Configuring PermGenSize for jibx-maven-plugin
>        without environment variables
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> When running the schema-codegen goal of jibx-maven-plugin, we sometimes run
> into OOME on the PermGenSize. Currently, we set the MAVEN_OPTS of the
> enclosing shell to specify a higher PermGenSize setting to get by. This
> doesn't work well with automated installs and overall use of environment
> variables seem evil. Wanted to know if it makes sense to have this
> configured via the maven plugin itself? I would like to contribute a patch
> to get this done if someone can give me a pointer from where to start.
> Thanks in advance.
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