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l : 1 March 2008 • 5:34AM -0500

[LAAMN] Riad Elsolh Hamad, Austin, Texas, PCWF Raided by FBI and IRS
by dorinda moreno


On 2/29/08, Romi Elnagar <bluesapphire48@yaho...> wrote:
> This message was sent to my list this afternoon.  I hope that people in
> this group can help Riad Hamad, and May God Help us All. Please forward it
> to anyone who you know can help.
> Peace,
> Hajja Romi
> *LADreamr@aol....* wrote:

Dear All,

Riad Hamad, president of the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund in Austin,
TX, forwarded me this notice this morning. He needs help badly and fast.


Dear Dr. Hines, I tried to call you few minutes ago but I got your answering
machine and heard that you will not be in your office till Monday. We had a
very unpleasant visit from the FBI and IRS agents yesterday morning and they
walked out with more than 40 boxes of tax returns, forms, documents, books,
flags, cds etc. The special agent said that they have a probable cause for
money laundering, wire fraud, bank fraud..etc and I think that all of it
stems from more than 35 years of watching me.

When I applied for my citizenship in 1996 the attorney asked for my record
under the FOIC and got a file bigger than the NY city yellow pages with a
lot of black lines to mark the names of the informants. The names of my
children who are now adults, Rita graduate of Berkeley medical schoo at the
top of her class and an ex Harvard graduate, my son Abdullah who is a UT
graduate with a B average in math, physics and linguistics are also listed.
The FBI agents spoke to my son who is ill and disabled and said that they
would come again and they spoke to him without a search warrant. When the
special agent in charge was asked abou the probable cause, he said that the
judge knows but he could not tell us. Bottom line, I need help and was
wondering if you know anyone who has time on his/her hand to help me as I am
broke no because of my work for the children of Palestine and contribution
to free the famlies from Hutto last year that cost me over 15000 dollars in
legal, airline tickets and shipping their furniture. Looking forward to
hearing from you and thanks for your work for justice You can see some of my
work through the links below which i think fermented the current situation.

Riad Elsolh Hamad , , Palestine
Children's Welfare Fund. 201 W. Stassney # 201, Austin, Texas 78745 Support
the children of Palestine by buying Palestinian arts and crafts. Sustain the
Palestinian economy and provide jobs for the men, women and farmers in
Palestine to live with pride and dignity TILL WE RETURN.

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