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l : 16 November 2005 • 4:10PM -0500

Lancair-List: Highlight Two
by Matt Dralle


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Dear Listers,

Please make a Contribution to support the continued operation and
upgrade of the Email List Forums at Matronics.  There is no
commercial advertising on any of the Lists to support their
operation, and it is solely YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS that keeps these Lists
up and running.  Please take a second to make your Contribution today
at the secure website:

Below is a highlight of another one of the awesome Free Gifts
available along with this year's List Fund Raiser.  In most cases,
these gifts have been either donated or provided at exceptional
discounts by aviation vendors that participate regularly on these
vary same Lists.  I want to thank each of them for the generous
support of the Lists during this Fund Raiser.  Please show your
support for their efforts by visiting their respective web sites.

Thank you for your kind support!

Matt Dralle
Matronics Email List Administrator

  Gift Highlight Number Two - Mechanics's Toolbox CD - Builder's Bookstore *

With your $60 or greater List Contribution, you can register to
receive a free copy of the 2005 edition of John Schwaner's Mechanic's
Toolbox CD.  It is essentially a computerized version of the
Mechanic's Handbook, and highlights the needs of powerplant
technicians working with reciprocating engines.  The CD contains two
basic sections.  The first is a mechanics guide to inspecting,
troubleshooting and operating Lycoming and Continental engines.  The
second is a Mechanic's Toolbox offering many of the most useful items
typically found in printed Mechanic's Handbooks and a few other handy
items not found anywhere else.  Works with Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP.

To receive your copy, visit the List Contribution Web site:

  * This gift is provided by Andy Gold of The Builder's Bookstore

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