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l : 17 November 2005 • 4:10PM -0500

Lancair-List: Why Do I Have A Fund Raiser Each Year?
by Matt Dralle


--> Lancair-List message posted by: Matt Dralle <dralle@matr...>

Dear Listers,

I was thinking that perhaps I should explain why I have a Fund Raiser
and also take the opportunity to express why I think the List
Services here provide a better experience than the commercial equivalents.

I use the List Fund Raiser each year to offset the costs involved
with running a high performance email list site such as this
one.  With the annual support from the List members through the
PBS-like Fund Raiser, I have found I can run the entire site without
having to inflect any of the members with those annoying banner ads
flashing up all the time trying to sell Toner Cartridge Refills or
other garbage nobody wants or needs.  From the comments I've received
over the years regarding the Lists, the great majority of the members
really appreciate the non-commercialism of my List systems and don't
mind my 'go-team-go' banter once a year to encourage members to
support the Lists.

I believe that the Lists services that I provide here offer many
benefits over the commercial equivalents in a number of ways.  The
first feature I believe to be particularly significant is that you
cannot receive a computer v*rus from any of these Lists
directly.  I've been on a few other List servers and have been
unfortunate enough to download infected files people have innocently
or not-so-innocently included with their posts.  This just can't
happen with the Matronics Lists; each incoming message is filtered
and dangerous attachments stripped off prior to posting.  I provide a
Photo and File Share feature that allows members to share files and
bitmaps with other members and everyone can be assured that these
files will be prescanned for any sort of v*rus before they are
posted.  Safe and simple.  Also, with this photo and file sharing
technique, the Archives don't get loaded up with a huge amounts of
bitmap "data" that slows the Archive Search times.

Another feature of this system is the extensive List Archives that
are available for download, browsing, and searching.  The Archives go
all the way back to the very beginning of each List and with the
super fast Search Engine, the huge size of the Archives is a
non-issue in quickly finding the data you're looking for.  Another
feature of the Archives is that they have been primarily stripped of
all the useless email header garbage that seems to build up in a
typical email thread.

I've been running email Lists and services under the
domain since about 1989 starting with RV-List and 30 guys I knew and
who where also building RVs.  It has grown into well over 50
different aviation-related Email Lists and an associated web site
that receives over 17,000,000 hits each year!!  Additionally, the
List email system forwards well over 32,000,000 (yes, that's 32
MILLION) email messages to subscribers each year!  With all the
dot.bombs these days, I think there's a lot of value in supporting a
service that has gone the long haul and is still providing and
improving a high quality service all without any advertising budget!

I have to admit running these Lists is a labor of love and I hope it
shows in the quality of the experience that you receive when you get
a List Email Message, Search the Archives, or use the List
Browser.  The Lists will be here for a long time to come.  If you
just want to lurk a while for free, that's great and I encourage you
to do so.  If you use, appreciate, and receive value from these
Lists, then please support them during the Annual List Fund Raiser!

The Secure Contribution Web Site:

Thank you,

Matt Dralle
Email List Administrator

Matt G Dralle | Matronics | PO Box 347 | Livermore | CA | 94551
925-606-1001 V | 925-606-6281 F | dralle@matr... Email WWW | Featuring Products For Aircraft
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