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l : 23 November 2005 • 2:17AM -0500

Lancair-List: He Said, She Said...
by Matt Dralle


--> Lancair-List message posted by: dralle@matr... (Matt Dralle)

Dear Listers,

I've been getting some great feedback from Listers lately along with
their List Contributions.  I thought I share a few more of the nice
thoughts people have had regarding the what the Lists mean to them.

Please take a minute right now and make a Contribution to support these
Lists.  Remember that its solely *your* generosity that keeps them
running and without your support they would cease to exist.

The Contribution web site is fast and easy:

Thank you!

Matt Dralle
Matronics List Administrator

====================== What Listers Are Saying #3 ======================

This is a great deal for aviation info/entertainment.
Christopher R.

Truly a great source of help and information.
Eddie S.

I couldn't imagine building my RV-7A without the 'net
and your lists!
Sebastian T.

Great lists!
Corey C.

Where would I be without the list?
George R.

What a resource!
Clay K.

Great service.
Martin H.

[The List] has such a wealth of information.
David N.

A great resource for builders and flyers.
Gregg W.

I enjoy the Lists.
Gene S.

A great source of information.
Richard N.

This is a great service.
Ralph C.

Great service.
Richard N.

Great resource!
John T.

Very helpfull & we appreciate all your efforts.
Stan B.

Makes me realize how much I don't know that I don't know...
Martin H.

I am not a builder but enjoy the posts.
Doug P.

Great information.
James B.

Thanks to all who share their knowledge and ask the
questions I didn't know enough to ask myself. It will fly
some day.
James M.

Excellent source of information.
Tony C.

While I haven't learned enough to contribute to others very
often, I have learned enough to avoid some mistakes in
building my kit.

AeroElectric list is the best!
Dennis J.

[The List] is invaluable.
Benjamin S.

I think of the Kolb List as the daily "Kolb Magazine" of
what's going on.
Bill T.

Great service.
John D.

Have very much appreciated the help, suggestions, and
knowledge of the listers over the course of my project.
Michael S.

A very useful service.
Colin R.

[The List] has saved me from mistakes already several times.
Ron L.

Love the list and hope to see it never change.
David N.

Between the archives, the folks that have already done it,
and the rest of us currently building - I think every tidbit
of knowledge is available to get/keep us in the air.
Ralph C.

====================== What Listers Are Saying #3 ======================

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