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l : 24 November 2005 • 9:56AM -0500

Lancair-List: What We Are Thankful For...
by Matt Dralle


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Dear Listers,

In the United States, Thursday is our National day of Thanksgiving.  Many of us will be traveling to be with our families and friends and share in generous feasts of plenty.

Many have expressed over the last couple of weeks how thankful they are for the Aviation Lists here on the Matronics servers and for all of the assistance and comradery they have experienced being a part of the Lists.  I think one of my favorite comments is when someone says something like, "Its the first thing I do in the morning while I'm having my morning coffee!".  That's a wonderful tribute to the purpose and function of these Lists.  Its always great to hear I'm not the only one that jumps out of bed each morning to check my List email!!

I'm not sure why, but the number of Contributions have been a little low this year compared to years past.  Hopefully people are just waiting until the last minute to make their List Support Contribution this year.  

Won't you take a minute today and show your appreciation for these Lists and for their continued operation and upgrade?  Don't make me beg... :-) lol

The List Contribution Site is:

Thanks to everyone that already made their Contribution!

Matt Dralle
Matronics Email List Administrator

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