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l : 21 February 2008 • 10:08PM -0500

Re: E-mail Server
by Aslan Carlos


Hi Cloves,

I chose the Postfix, because is easily to maintain and configure.
I've been working with both, my opinion the Sendmail has many vantages
over postfix, but is not easy to configure one SMTP server with security
using sendmail, compile m4 macros to configuration works is too much
complicate when you are beginner.

So may should you try use the Postfix, it's more flexible to work and
have many add-on, and you may thing more documentation for build you
server with security and stability.

Postfix and Sendmail are MTA, not MRA, you will need chose one of all
daemon like Dovecot, Cyrus, Courier, try use Dovecot have easy
configuration and are in all of popular Linux dist.

My suggestion is build with Cyrus-Imapd it's more stable of all then and
have many tools to maintain and management the mailboxes.

Feel free to contact me directly I speak portuguese too. =)

best regards,
Aslan Carlos de M. Ramos

On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 17:54 -0300, Cloves Pereira Costa Jr wrote:
> Hi all...
> First I want to apologize because English is not my native language.
> I want to know your opinion in witch e-mail server is "better": Sendmail
> or Postfix?
> I want to know because I'll have to implement a e-mail server in my
> company and I made some research and find that those two e-mail servers
> are most used.
> My minimum cenario is:
> - about 50 mail boxes
> - LDAP integrated
> - users quota
> - Anti-SPAM (obviously)
> - support to POP, IMAP and SMTP
> I'm sorry if this seams a little newbie but my area is Security and I
> don't know mutch about e-mail servers.
> PS.: if someone knows a different e-mail server that do all those
> things, please tell me.
> Thx
> []s
> Cloves Jr
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