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l : 16 April 2008 • 4:47AM -0400

RE: Mapping physical disk block to logical block to selectively repair w/o forcing rescan
by David Lethe


I have some code that does some background media scanning that results in a list of physical disks and block numbers that are known bad. I want to repair the logical (md) block(s) that they correspond to (assuming not RAID0, of course) without a draconian full repair/rescan.  As such, I need a physical to logical mapping technique.  It doesn't appear that there is a built-in mechanism in mdadm or by echoing a command to the /proc/mdstat, or anything else to force the md subsystem to repair the (parity protected) logical block associated with the physical disk and block that is known bad. 

(raid5extend.c has a phys2log function that seems to take everything into consideration, and RAID1 is a non-issue,  but as long as I am going to do this, then might as well cover all the bases and make sure it is done right)

Has anybody written a script or something, or is there a technique I have missed that will provide block-level mapping?  I don't want to muck with modifying the md driver ... a shell script would be fine as this would be a rare occurrence, and since the disk will take billions of clock cycles to remap a bad sector, then an inefficient mapping script will hardly be noticeable.   

Also, assuming I have to write such a script and now know that block X on /dev/mdY needs to be repaired, then is there any risk of data corruption if I simply issue a read  dd if=/dev/md$Y of=/dev/null count=1 skip=$X to force the md driver to repair the stripe?
(Actually, count should be increased large enough to force a non-cached read, and I think block number might need to be examined to make sure that it is not associated with a block that contains parity information, otherwise, the md engine might not detect the problem and force parity rebuild).

Any advice, comments, code will be appreciated.  

David @ santools ^ com

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