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l : 27 September 2011 • 8:21AM -0400

[LINUX_Newbies] Re: W8 & Linux
by Paul


--- In LINUX_Newbies@yaho..., "g.linuxducks" <g.linuxducks@...> wrote:
> Paul wrote ....
> <<<In my world preloaded with Linux machines are irrelevant. Do they
> even still exist? Don't answer that as it is inconsequential.....>>>
> I mentioned that because I saw it here at Debian Linux....
> Computer vendors that pre-install Debian
> ....and you can find that all over a google (or other) search. Okay that
> is your feelings about 'your world'. Inconsequential ? Well maybe not to
> you, but my view was I am becoming maybe as a lot of people that are
> NEVER going to buy another personal computer with Windows already
> installed. So is there an alternative for us ? YES is obviously the
> answer as I have somewhat linked here. This manufacturing hopefully for
> them is going to continue to grow obviously.
> You seemed a bit narrow minded as a "Linux Lover". The other point is to
> NOT pay for a Windows copy license to just buy a computer to use with
> Linux. If you are a Linux Lover - promote it, to share with others your
> discovery of Linux is my view - just as everyone did with Windows.
> You can bad mouth Microsoft all you want but the best way to grow out of
> that is to indeed make your next purchase as a preinstalled Linux
> machine as I intend to do. End of story. Windows ? Never heard of you LOL.

By your logic I should trade wasting my money with one vendor for wasting my money with another. I fail to see the advantage there for me I'm sorry. When I do purchase computers I get them with no OS.

Plenty of people make plenty of money on Linux and don't count on making any of it off people like me. They're good with that, I'm good with that, so how come you're not good with that? Forget I asked because honestly I don't care.

Linux has lost half of its market share on the desktop from its peak so it is dying on the platform. If every Linux user ran out tomorrow and bought a preinstalled Linux PC it wouldn't change a thing. Linux is that inconsequential on the desktop.

If you can't come to grips with reality that is your problem. But don't try to guilt trip me your lunacy! Because I haven't bought a PC with Windows preinstalled since 1994. When it came time the next year to upgrade I did, to Linux.

Oh, and I never said I was a "Linux Lover" Linux is just an OS kernel, I've seen it, it isn't much to love:

pfred1@spot:/boot$ head vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-686
êÀȎ؎ÀÐ1äûü¾-¬ Àt ´»Íëò1ÀÍÍêðÿðDirect booting from floppy is no longer supported.
Please use a boot loader program instead.

Remove disk and press any key to reboot . . .

Where's the love? Heh

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