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m : 24 October 2011 • 7:42PM -0400

Re: [Mailman-Users] Footer as attachment in Outlook problem.
by Stephen J. Turnbull


Serving Soon writes:

> I followed the discussion on why this happening and I understand
> the logic.  But since Outlook is so spread among corporate users
> worldwide, shouldn't mailman have its own workaround?

If there were a single workaround, that might make sense.  But there's
a big difference between what the web coders did and what you're
suggesting here.  The web coders only needed to work around IE one bug
at a time, because they had control of the rest of the page and the
CSS.  Mailman does not; there is no guarantee that there is any end at
all to this task.

Personally, I'd rather that the people who know anything about this
stuff work on Mailman 3 rather than throw code and effort into making
Outlook users happy (I have to admit, nobody who uses my lists would
dare own up to using Outlook even if they did use it :-).

> Just like the web coders did for IE* shortcomings all these years.

The web coders made a lot of money by doing a better job than the next
site of supporting IE.  Show us some money (or other equivalent value),
and somebody might do the same in Mailman for Outlook.  But at the
moment, nobody is getting rich from Mailman.

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