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[mediacare] Top 10 Album from SONYBMG
by Widi Asmoro - SonyBMG Music -


Periode: 15 - 20 Agustus 2005    No.Title AlbumArtist Name   1.PadiPadi   2.IstighfarOpick   3.Selamat Pagi, Dunia! (Repackage)Glenn Fredly   4.ElloEllo   5.MezmerizeSystem Of A Down   6.Seri CintaIndonesian Idol 2   7.Salute To Koes Plus/BersaudaraErwin Gutawa   8.AwakeL'Arc~en~Ciel   9.Tausiyah, Dzikir & NasyidArifin Ilham   10.Beautiful LifeGuy Sebastian

Beautiful Life
In the heady days following the release of his 2003 debut single, “Angels Brought Me Here”, the highest selling Australian single of all time, and the accompanying album, the 480 000 selling JUST AS I AM, Guy Sebastian dreamed of exile. It seems unthinkable. And for a less committed artist, it would be implausible. But after the release of his second No 1 single, the platinum selling “All I Need Is You”, Guy made good on his plans and just… disappeared. There was no third single, no national tours, no quick second album to keep the cash registers ticking. There was just… silence. But while the industry whispered and the tabloids speculated, Guy quietly focused all his energy, all his artistry and all his self belief on the very thing that brought him the attention in the first place: his music.


BEAUTIFUL LIFE, Guy Sebastian ’s long awaited, five month in the making second album, is stunning testament to this musical vision, an exhilarating soul trip that mashes funk, disco, R&B and pop as it careens from the dance floor to the bedroom to life’s highway and back again, all the while guided by a voice that flirts and cajoles, swoons and soars. Drawing inspiration from the holy grail of American urban music – Stevie Wonder, Prince and Michael Jackson – BEAUTIFUL LIFE remains unmistakably the work of its creator, boldly marking a line in the sand between Guy Sebastian , pop idol, and Guy Sebastian , recording artist.  


“On the first record, I felt like I was a wide-eyed child”, admits Sebastian. “It was a great snapshot of who I was at the time. But as a musician, as a producer and as a songwriter, I’ve grown immensely. It sounds a bit loser-ish, but I really feel like I’m a man now. I was proud of the first album, but this is my creation and it’s something I’ve had my hands in from its conception. It’s been like my little baby. I’m ultra proud of this album. I’m proud of how it sounds, I’m proud of the fact I produced every vocal track on it and I’m proud I was involved in writing nine songs on it”.


It is testament to the high regard in which Guy is held by his peers that the production credits for BEAUTIFUL LIFE read like a who’s of contemporary music: Damon Elliott (Beyonce Knowles, Pink, Jessica Simpson), Bloodshy & Avant (Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson), Brian McKnight (Boyz II Men), Robyn Thicke (“When I Get You Alone”), to name a few. Not to mention “Forever With You”, Guy’s slow burn duet with US R&B diva, Mya.


Yet for all their major league status, the essence of BEAUTIFUL LIFE is still that voice. Guy’s greatest gift as a vocalist has always been his ability to connect with the soul of a song, but even he concedes that the tracks on BEAUTIFUL LIFE represent a leap forward in the way he approached singing. “Even last year I probably would’ve tried to do a million licks and try to make it really impressive and sing high”, says Guy. “But people know I can sing high and I’ve realised I don’t have to keep drilling that into people’s faces. I think it’s more important to really feel something than try to impress. That’s something I learnt from singing at church and I’ve come back to: You don’t sing a song cause you want to get rich, you do it because you love doing it, because it comes from the heart. That’s where I realised the power in music. Give yourself up to the music, and you will touch people.”


Guy recorded half of his vocals for BEAUTIFUL LIFE in Los Angeles , utilising the city’s renowned plastic fantastic culture as a counterpoint for the intensely human emotions of his songs. The remaining tracks were recorded in his studio of choice, his bedroom-come-home studio in his Sydney apartment. “It’s pretty African in there”, he laughs. “I’ve got like a little cow leather couch, African lamps, lava lamps and stuff everywhere, so it was a real mood thing, you know. There’s a poster of Prince on the wall and when I was recording I’d burn incense and put the candles on. It sounds a little bit weird but it really put me in the zone. I think it enabled me to concentrate more on getting my vocals right rather than trying to please a producer”.


Not that Guy’s neighbours were overly pleased. “I did a lot of the vocals in the middle of the night keeping up people in adjoining apartments with my yelling. I remember doing the Stevie Wonder tune, (an incendiary cover of) “I Wish” and just wailing away in the middle of the night at the top of my voice. So to my neighbours… sorry!” he laughs.


BEAUTIFUL LIFE is a collection of 14 songs that simply ooze class, from the song writing, to the singing all the way down to the warm production values.  Stylistically diverse, it’s segues from infectious, fat 70s disco-funk (“Out With My Baby”, the album’s breakout first single), to nostalgic, laid back groove (“Back In the Day”), sweet, pop tinged R&B (“Kryptonite”), sincere, soul drenched ballads “Wait”, “How”), dripping R&B-funk (“Sweetest Berry”, whose vocals, incredibly, were laid down in under 30 minutes), to social commentary (“Anthem of Why”), staccato, Latino R&B (“Oh-Oh”) and rapturous funk (“I Wish”, “Beautiful Life”).


Given the heavyweight performance of his debut disc, Guy Sebastian is well aware of the commercial – and in some quarters, the artistic - expectations of BEAUTIFUL LIFE. But for Guy, it’s a moot point. BEAUTIFUL LIFE is a record of which he is justifiably proud, that he believes in, and that charts his growth as a musical artist. “I’d be happy if I sold a quarter of Just As I Am”, says Guy. “My only wish is for people to listen to the music, listen to the songs I’ve written and then judge it. This record is me”.  


But Guy says it best in “Beautiful Life”, the album’s closing track, when he sings:

“There’s no other place / Than where I am today / I do the best I can do / For me there’s no better way” ( Guy Sebastian , “Beautiful Life”).


Fortunately for us, there’s no-one better than Guy Sebastian


BEAUTIFUL LIFE, the groundbreaking second album from GUY SEBASTIAN, is released 18th October, 2004 through SONYBMG.



KRYPTONITE – released October 25, 2004

·          # 2 Most added track at Australian radio

·          Top 6  most played song at Australian radio

·          Highest position #15 National ARIA singles chart


BEAUTIFUL LIFE - released October 18,2004

·          Debuted #2 National ARIA Album chart

·          Over 100,000 units sold (platinum)


OUT WITH MY BABY – released September 27, 2004

·          Shipped Platinum + (90,000 units)

·          #1 Most added track at radio

·          Top 10 most played song at Australian radio


ALL I NEED IS YOU – released February 23, 2004

·          the most added song at Australian radio on week of impact

·          Debuted at #1  

·          sold in excess of platinum units



JUST AS I AM – released December 8 2003

·          Number 1 Chart debut and for four consecutive weeks

·          Highest ever album sales in one week for ANY album in Australian chart history*(*includes local, international, solo acts, groups, soundtracks & compilations)

·          First week ship of 350,000 units

·          over 480,000 units sold in Australia   (6 x Platinum)


ANGELS BROUGHT ME HERE  – released November 24, 2003

·          Debuted @ #1 and stayed there for the 3 weeks it was available

·          the fastest selling Australian single in Australian music history  

·          the highest selling Australian single in Australia in 2003

·          the highest selling Australian single in Australian music history (4 x platinum)

·          Won ARIA AWARD for Highest selling single in October 04



·          New Zealand

·          Malaysia

·          Philippines

·          Indonesia


Notable o/s performances

World Idol – December 03

MTV Asia Awards – February 04

NZ Idol – March 04

American Idol – June 04

MTV Philippines Awards – July 04



·          ARIA Award – Highest Selling Australian Single – Angels Brought Me Here - 2004

·          Channel V – Artist Of The Year – 2004

·          MTV – Best Pop Video – Out With My Baby (nominated 2005)
  Artist Guy Sebastian  Track Listing  1. Out With My Baby
2. Kryptonite
3. Sweetest Berry
4. Wait
5. Back In The Day
6. I Wish
7. Anthem Of Why
8. Story Of A Single Man
9. How
10. Forever With You Featuring Mya
11. Make Heaven Wait
12. Fiend For You
13. Oh Oh
14. Beautiful Life Feat. Rahsaan    Discography Beautiful Life   Multimedia

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