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m : 9 December 2011 • 12:20PM -0500

Re: Stacks always open on launch
by Ken Ray


> Yup, that was it. Thanks. There was a text file and also three aliases to stacks. I took them all out and made a new build of the IDE, and it works now.
> If you get a chance some time, it would be nice if the plugin manager would test for stack files. Other file types leave blank lines in the list, which also throws off library loading. The aliases all referenced stacks, but they don't resolve and so they leave blank lines in the list. When there are blank lines, trying to open one of the plugins or loading one as a library is off by as many lines in the list as there are blanks. I.e., in the Plugin Manager I would select a line in the list, click "Open as toplevel", and a stack 3 lines up would open.
> I still have no idea why my old copy of the IDE was opening an unrelated stack on disk though. With the new IDE build it stopped.

Yeah, I think the new IDE fixes the "other files" problem too, since I tried reproducing the bug and I couldn't (I added a few text files and aliases to non-text files during my test). If you *can* reproduce it, though, let me know and I'll fix it.

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