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m : 28 January 2011 • 9:57PM -0500

[Mjpeg-users] animated screen shot
by tony.chamberlain


I needed to make an animated screen shot (e.g., like a movie) of my terminal
to send to someone.  I found
which works ok in general.  It uses image magic "convert" to convert a bunch
of miff files into an mpeg.  Theoretically this should work but after a
while it gives me an error message like "delegate mpeg2encode failed .. not

I did a search for mpeg2encode for Linux CentOS 4.8 (what my machine is
currently at) but could not find it.  I did find mpeg2enc from the mjpeg
package.  So I built it and linked it, but it was called incorrectly.

The original mpeg2encode is called as

     mpegencode inputfile outputfile

however, mpeg2enc has different parameters.  I figured out to use "-o output"
for the output file name, but I cannot figure out what parameter to
specify for the input (I made a dummy mpeg2encode to call mpeg2enc the
correct way).  I tried

    cat inputfile | mpeg2enc -o outputfile
    mpeg2enc -o outputfile inputfile

but both give errors about YUV or something like that.

What is the correct way to call mpeg2enc analagous to

   mpeg2encode input output


Thank You

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