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m : 7 February 2007 • 12:42PM -0500

[Multisync-users] Syncing Windows Mobile 2005 PDA via Bluetooth
by CBuckberry


I am having alot of difficulty trying to find help with syncing the contacts
on my Windows Mobile 2005 (WM5) Cingular 8125 (HTC Wizard) with Linux (Gentoo
2.6 kernel) in KDE 3.5.5 via bluetooth.

I am able to OBEX push fine and I have been able to the mobile to
list "ActiveSync" as an available service for the bluetooth doogle, but when
I go to ActiveSync on the mobile and select "Connect via bluetooth" I get:
"Cannot find an existing Bluetooth partnership with a PC that supports
ActiveSync.  Would you like to set up a partnership now?".  If I click yes it
just continously finds "ActiveSync" as a service but will not connect to the

My mobile requires a password but I am unsure how to inform linux of this,
regardless though no connection seems to even start in order to begin the
authentication part.  I still new to bluetooth in Linux but I have tried many
differant tools and protocols.  

Tried using Raki, but nothing seems to happen except it states dccm is
running.  I have made sure that I run the
command "dund --listen --activesync --msdun call dun".

I have also tried MultiSync trying IrMC Mobile Device and it finds my device
but says "No IrMC synchronization" and does not provide a Channel.  I have
tried testing channels 0-9 but all failed.  I also tried SynCE Plugin in
MultiSync but I am unsure how to inform it to use bluetooth.

I am not sure if there is another program I should use, or if I am using these
programs correctly.  Any help would be appreciated.

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