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m : 15 September 2011 • 11:44AM -0400

[muslim] Let's donate US$ 10 to Build an Islamic Website!
by A Nizami



Let's donate US$ 10 to Build an Islamic Website!

Currently the website have been read more than 100,000 times. It is quite good for a free website using

To increase visitors and also the features, I urge you to donate US$ 10 to build an Islamic Website to propagate Islamic Teaching like this website to the world. If you could give more, the better. We need at least US$ 500 to make a good website including domain name and hosting fee.

Since many Muslims are not so rich while the Muslim Riches usually spend their money in some places else such as buying Manchester United, I only ask each of you to transfer US$ 10 via paypal to:


Once the US $ 500 reached, I will build the new website immediately. The appearance like above only in English language.

Hope it will be a useful knowledge to all of us.

Thank you all.
Dukung TV Komunitas Dakwah di:
Belajar Islam sesuai Al Qur'an dan Hadits di
Jasa Pembuatan Website (All in) 2 Dinar:
Milis Syiar Islam: syiar-islam-subscribe@yaho...

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