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[muslim] Hajj Guide-How to deal with Predators
by Aqsa Mujahidah Fisabeelillah Inshallah


Bismillaah, wal-hamdulilaah, was-salaatu was-salaamu 'alaa rasoolillaah,
Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu
 Hajj Guide to Predators
Babar Ahmad
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In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind

I have listed some experiences
that I had in the Hajj of 2002, after spending a thoroughly enjoyable
three weeks with Al-Hidaayah. This is given as a practical guide with
the intention to warn those going for Hajj this year and in future
years, about a sad but annoying nuisance.

Since I am of Pakistani origin
myself, all of the predators who hunted on me were speaking Urdu. I
cannot say if there are also Arab predators on Hajj, but being of
Pakistani origin, I would like to remind everyone that Pakistan is
regarded as the second most corrupt nation on earth, after Nigeria, so
it is understandable that most of the predators on Hajj are either
Pakistani or speak Urdu. Sorry if I have offended all those who think
Pakistanis are the greatest and most honest people in the World.

1. Type One: Cut Pocketeramus Predator

Hunts: Normally male and alone,
accompanied by a piece of paper with Arabic writing all over it. In
recent years, a new type of this predator has appeared that is
accompanied by women and young children, to add to the sympathy factor.

Variants: Predator may be in
ihram, to add to the sympathy factor. Predator normally has a beard and
white hat, but not always, to add to the sympathy factor.

Targets: Pilgrims who are in
singles or pairs, who look as if they speak Urdu and are possibly
wealthy or from the West (signs being eating ice-cream, wearing
sunglasses, Western footwear or carrier bags).

Attack strategy: Starts with a
salaam and handshake and then, "My dear brother/sister, I am your
brother so-and-so from Pakistan/India/Qatar etc. and I came here for
Hajj then my pocket was cut in the Masjid-ul-Haram and someone stole all my passport, money, papers, etc.. Here is the Police Report (shows a
piece of paper with Arabic writing on it - NOTE: this can be obtained by anyone and does not prove anything- ) so if you could just help me with some money, Allah will reward you." Words may be accompanied by tears
in the eyes or crying child/baby.

Defence strategy:

(i) Firstly, show sympathy with
the predator, then say "I cannot help you with money, but what I can do
is to make dua for you that Allah relieves your problem."

Some predators may go away at this first line of defence, but in recent years, predators have become more
aggressive and resistant to this defence mechanism, hence they might
say, "Jazakallah for your duas, but can you help me with money as well. I swear by Allah that... Allah is my witness that..." and various other
emotional words and oaths such as "I haven't eaten" or "I don't have
money to eat" to make you feel bad.

(ii) To this, your response should be: "I believe what you're saying, but I am in need of Allah myself and I cannot help you more than duas," say salaam to him and then walk off.

If after this, the predator still persists with its attack, move onto the third defence mechanism:

(iii) Say to him, "I tell you
what, since your problem is quite a big problem, what I'll do is that
there are relief organisations here in the country that help people like you, they give you some money and help you get a return air ticket back to your country, so if you come with me, we'll find one of these relief organisations." If the predator hasn't left by then, take him to the
nearest Police officer and say to him in Arabic, "haadha yas'al
lil-maal" (This man is asking for money), showing the Police officer the piece of paper. Say salaam and leave.

At this stage, the predator will
probably be cursing you, questioning your Islam ("What type of Muslim
are you? Look at your hat and beard. This is your Hajj is it?") and
saying that your Hajj will not be accepted. Ignore him and walk away
since the acceptance of Hajj does not depend on giving money to thieves
and if you do not deserve the curse, it will go back on him. You will
only deserve the curse if he really was genuine, and you accused him of
lying. In the above defence mechanism, all you've done is to offer to
help him with dua or an alternative solution. You haven't accused him of lying. If he is genuine, you are clear with Allah. If he is a liar,
you've exposed him and protected the Muslims from his evil.

2. Type Two: Starvingissimus Predator

Hunts: Single male, sometimes accompanied by women and children. All ages, young and old.

Targets: Pilgrims who are in
singles or pairs, who look as if they speak Urdu and are possibly
wealthy or from the West (signs being eating ice-cream, wearing
sunglasses, Western footwear or carrier bags). Pilgrims in or near
restaurants and eating places, or those eating, can expect to be

Attack strategy: Starts with a
salaam and handshake and then, "My dear brother/sister, I am your
brother so-and-so from Pakistan/India/Qatar etc. and I came here for
Hajj then my pocket was cut in the haram and someone stole all my
passport, money, papers, etc. so if you could just help me with some
money, I haven't eaten and I don't have any money to eat. Allah will
reward you." Words may be accompanied by tears in the eyes or crying
child/baby. Variation may not involve lost property, but just a
straightforward, "I am your brother in need, I am miskeen (poor,

Defence strategy:

(i) Firstly, show sympathy with the predator, then say "If you come with me, insha-Allah I will feed you."

At this stage, the predator might
say, "I don't want to bother you or waste your time, if you just help me a little, I will get it myself."

(ii) Say to the Predator, "You are my Muslim brother/sister and you have come to me to ask me for food, I
want the reward, so come with me and I will feed you." Take him by the
arm and ask him to accompany you. If he goes with you, take him to the
nearest Indian or Pakistani food outlet, ask him what he wants, pay for
it, then sit down and watch/make him eat it (maybe get a drink or
something for yourself if you want). If he asks why you are sitting
watching him, just say that it gives you pleasure and happiness watching a hungry Muslim brother eat!

In most cases, once you insist on
taking the predator to feed, he will leave the area very quickly. A
short case study gives my experiences with this type of predator.

Case Study

"One Friday in Madinah, I returned to my hotel after Friday Prayer and was approached by a 60-yr old man
with a beard and hat, who said to me, 'Jumuah Mubarak, my son' (which
was the first time in my life someone has congratulated me for praying
the Friday Prayer!). He then said to me,

'My son, I am your brother in need, I'm elderly, I'm in need, can you help me please?'

I asked him what exactly he wanted and if he was hungry or not, to which he replied,

'Only Allah knows how hungry I am.'

I then offered to take him and feed him, to which he replied,

'My wife and children are waiting for me, so I can't take long. If you can just help me with some money, Allah will reward you.'

I asked him where his family was and that if he brings them, I'll feed them as well, to which he said,

'My family is waiting near
Jannatul-Baqee' (the Baqee Cemetry, on the exact opposite corner of the
Mosque, the furthest possible place that came to his mind - in fact
there was no other place that both him and I knew that could be further
away than Baqee!).'

I then said to him that I would go with him to Jannatul-Baqee', and then feed his family, to which he was
surprised and said, 'You will come with me all the way to Baqee'?'

I said to him, 'Yes, I will come with you all the way to Baqee' because I will get reward. Come on, let's go.'

He then said, 'But my sister was
going to meet me here and she told me to wait for her here.' [What a
strange thing to ask your family to meet you in one corner of the masjid and your sister to meet you in the exact opposite corner, a walk of
some 25 minutes!]

I told him that we would only be a few minutes, but he was adamant on staying in his place. Then I
suggested to him that I will take him to the Shop quickly, buy food for
him and his family and then he can come back and wait for his family.
Saying that, I held his arm and started to encourage him to come me. He
shrugged his arm away and became aggressive. I said to him, 'Why are you being so stubborn when I'm trying to help you?'

I then suggested to him that I
will go into my hotel to make Wudu, then take him if his sister hasn't
come. I went and watched him from a distance, within minutes he was

3. Type Three: Hospital-Injuryissimus Predator

Hunts: Single male, normally alone. All ages, young and old.

Targets: Pilgrims in buses and
coaches who seem like they are from a Western country, in 'tourist'
attractions such as Quba Mosque or Uhud, in Madinah.

Attack strategy: This type of
Predators is quite bold and may enter the bus or coach with eyes flowing with tears, starts with a salaam and then announces that a relative has had a serious accident, the hospital treatment needs SR15000 (about
US$6000) for treatment within three days else the hospital will refuse
to treat the patient. In his hand will be an official, signed, hospital
document, containing information in Arabic that most Pakistanis and Urdu speaking people will not understand.

Defence strategy:

(i) Cross-question the predator,
asking details about the accident, when it happened, the extent of the
injuries, how long the patient has been in hospital for, and his
relation to the patient. During this, the predator will normally
contradict himself. If he does, ask him to go away or you will take him
to the Police.

(ii) If the Predator is
intelligent and does not contradict under cross-questioning, take his
hospital letter and ring the hospital, asking to speak to the person
whose name the letter is signed by. By this stage, you will know the
whole story and the predator will be anxious to get his letter and
vacate the area.


We were sitting in our bus at Quba Masjid when a Pakistani man in his thirties, entered the bus with tears in his eyes, saying his brother had been in a major car accident and
both his legs had been severed. He said the patient was in a hospital in Jeddah and if they did not pay SR15000 (US$6000) for his treatment
within five days, the hospital will refuse to operate on him. He had an
official, colour letterheaded document in his hand, signed from a
hospital in Jeddah.

Upon cross-questioning, the
predator said that the patient had been in hospital for 15 days awaiting payment for treatment. The letter (in Arabic) had a quote of an unnamed operation for SR15000 for a named patient who had hurt his legs.

I rang the hospital using the
mobile telephone of a brother and spoke to a senior Doctor, giving him
the patient's name and reference number. Surprisingly, such a patient
and reference number did exist (this predator had done his homework). I
asked the Doctor how long the patient had been in hospital, to which he
replied, 'three days' and then I asked him the extent of his injuries,
to which he said that he had a simple injury (like a fracture) to his
leg. He categorically denied that both of the patient's two legs had
been severed. Anyway, it was rather strange that a patient who had had
both legs severed, would only spend three days in hospital, then go

I concluded that this predator
must have got hold of an official hospital letter from somewhere
(perhaps from a contact inside the hospital), and was using this to get
money. I then turned to the predator and admonished him to fear Allah
because he had no shame by coming to pilgrims and lying to them just to
get money. I told him to leave else I would take him to the Police. He
then began to abuse and curse me (having forgotten all his tears and
sadness!). As our buses departed, we could see him walking behind our
bus shouting, abusing and cursing.

4. Type Four: Madrassah-with-Photo-Folderissimus Predator *WARNING: EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PREDATOR*

Hunts: Alone and in packs of two to three males. Age range from 20 to 40 and over. Of Pakistani origin (of course)

Targets: Pilgrims in buses and
coaches; pilgrims in their tents in Mina, who seem like they are from a
Western country. Hunts both in Makkah, Madinah and Mina.

Attack strategy: Will enter upon
the pilgrims and then a well-spoken spokesman will announce to everyone
about a Madrassah or Masjid in Pakistan or India for which they are
collecting. He will then show a hard-backed folder, which will contain
the following in plastic wallets and in full-colour with blue ink
signatures, stamps and embossed seals (that imprint the paper):

(a) 'Photos' of a masjid or madrassah, sometimes with children
(b) The (false) name and details of the spokesmen, with their real photos
(c) Official letters from various
Saudi relief organisations and offices mentioning the name of the
collectors, the name of their project and that they are accredited and
(d) The collectors will be wearing photo ID badges that match the details in the folder.

Due to this folder, this type of predator is extremely dangerous, since most pilgrims will fall for this 'proof'.

NOTE: This type of folder can be
purchased for about SR50 (US$15) from Predator dens, which is a good
investment for a predator due to the high returns that he gets.

Defence strategy:

(i) Cross-question the predator,
asking details about the project, etc. If there is more than one
predator, try to separate the pack and individually cross-question each
predator (you will need more than one person to do this). Ask the
predator what is the project, how much money they need and what for; and how much they have got already. Ask the predator if his organisation
has a bank account to which someone can send donations etc. because you
have come on Hajj and you cannot help now but if you are convinced of
the project, you can transfer money directly to the predator's bank

If the predator denies existence
of a bank account, he has exposed himself and you can ask him to leave.
If he gives you bank details, take them and then say goodbye to him,
saying that you will put money into his bank account if you decide to
donate to this project. He may, at this stage, try to persuade you to
make an immediate donation. Do NOT be persuaded.

If questioning more than one
predator, get together (away from them) and compare your stories. If the stories are different, you can ask the predators to leave because they
are liars. If the stories match, then ask for the bank details and
defend as above.

(ii) If the predators persist in
you making an immediate donation, you can then take offensive strategy
and say to them that you also know of masjids and madrassahs that are in need of money, but you don't have their names and details to hand, so
if the predators give you half of what they have collected, then you can give it directly to those madrassahs in need. That way, two madrassahs, equally in need, can be helped at the same time. If you persist in this request, the predators will probably vacate the area due to the high
level of resistance being faced.


Three such men entered our bus
when we were about to leave Makkah, after Hajj, to go to Jeddah. They
had the same folder and contradicted themselves upon cross-questioning,
at which point one of them said, 'I am a taalib-ul-ilm (student of
knowledge)', which I found rather strange because no scholar or person
of knowledge ever calls himself a scholar or person of knowledge! We
then told them to leave the bus immediately else we would call the
Police. At this point, the 'Taalib-ul-Ilm' began to abuse and curse us,
saying, 'Look at your beards, and you've just done Hajj? What type of
Hajj have you done? Will Allah accept your Hajj?' We gave them one more
chance to leave else we would call the Police, at which stage they left.

(iii) Third, optional Defence Strategy (use only if you have with you someone who knows Arabic or has some level of Islamic knowledge and Arabic)

If one of the predators claims to
be a student of knowledge, he should know Arabic as a necessity. Ask him a simple question IN ARABIC, which any student of knowledge should know the immediate answer to, e.g. "maaza qaala ar-rasool (SAWS) indama
sa'alahu jibreel anil-ihsan?" ("What did Jibreel say when the Prophet
(SAWS) asked him about Ihsan?") At this point, the predator will
probably expose himself if he does not Arabic and nor does he know the
answer to such a basic question about Islam. Ask him to leave, or,
better still, call a Policeman whilst other keep him busy.


The numbers and types of predators are too many to mention here, but I have given the four main types
above. In the Hajj of 2002, I was approached no less than 20 times by
the above four types of predators and some variants/mutants. In most
cases, I would advise you not to waste your time with a predator, but to call a Policeman and tell the predator that the Policeman will help
you. The above defence strategies normally only apply when you are in a
waiting place, e.g. a bus, or in your ten in Mina, or eating etc. Do not waste your ibadah (worship) time and your Hajj on a predator and more
importantly, do not give him even a riyal else you may be questioned
about it on the Day of Judgement since Allah has forbidden the giving of wealth to foolish and ignorant people (Surah Nisa, Ayah 5). If unsure,
just offer to make dua for his problem or project as you cannot help him immediately.

If you really want to give your
charity to someone, don't give it to a predator as you will just feed
their habits. Give it to those who do not ask, such as the uniformed
official cleaners of the haram, who maintain the Holy Mosques and stay
away from their families for several years at a time and who, more
importantly, never beg but instead work to earn their money.
Alternatively, give your Sadaqah to the poor pilgrims who sleep on
cardboard, on streets, but don't give to anyone who begs.

More importantly, warn others in
your group about these predators (you can even print out a couple of
copies of this guide and share it out amongst fellow pilgrims; and try
to cut them off at the route, i.e. don't let them enter your bus or
tent, YOU go to them, outside, in order to neutralise their threat.
Predators will even steal and pickpocket at the first available
opportunity. Wherever possible, try to call a Policeman or security
force individual to deal with the predator. Tell the Policeman that
someone is asking for money.

Most importantly: don't have mercy on predators - have them locked up so that the innocent pilgrims can be protected from their mischief. (In an Islamic State, these thieves
would have their hands cut off for stealing and they might even be
lashed for lying.)

That is all I have to say and I pray that Allah protects the sincere
pilgrims from the evil of these predators; and that He guides the
predators and if He is not going to guide them, then that He punishes
them for their evil and mischief with the visitors to His House.

Babar Ahmad is Britain's longest-serving detainee-without-trial, fighting his extradition to the USA, where he faces a life sentence in solitary
confinment, in a notorius supermax prison. The Crown Prosecution have
already declared on more than one occasion that there is no sufficient
evidence to charge him in this country with any crime.

Babar's family and friends have
started an official e-petition campaign to get at least a 100,00
signatures by 10th November 2011, in hope that it will trigger a
parliamentary debate on this issue.

Please do not let Babar be extradited.

Go to LETSGETJUSTICE.COM  and sign the petition.
Surah Isra 17 verse 80 Say: "O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)." 

Transliteration :Wa qur rabbi adkhilni mudkhala sidqiw wa akhrijni mukhraja sidqiw wa-j'al li mil ladunka sulta_nan nasira_(n).

Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 2482 Narrated by AbuHurayrah  (May Allah be pleased with him)
Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) used to say, " O Allah, grant me benefit in what Thou hast taught me, teach me what will benefit me, and increase my knowledge. Praise be to Allah in all circumstances. I seek refuge in Allah from the state of those who go to Hell."
Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah transmitted it, Tirmidhi saying this is a tradition whose isnad is gharib.
Transliteration:an Abi Hurairah (radiya Allahu anhu) qaal:
qaala Rasul Allah (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam):"Allahumma infa'ni bima 'allamtani, wa allimni maa yanfa'oni wa zidni 'ilman, alhamdulillahi alaa kolli haal, wa a'odtho billahi min haali ahlil naar."

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