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Naqshbandi Haqqani Some Chop Up their Dead and Claim to Be Vegetarians ?
by As Sayed Nurjan MirAhmadi


How Do You Treat Your Dead?

Is A Sign of Your Belief in the Hereafter

From the Teachings of Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Sufi Meditation Center, Vancouver, BC

* *

*Bismillahi* *Rahmaani* *Raheem*, *InshaAllah*

And then Mawlana Shaykh is now reminding within our heart and reminding all
of us that, "Look to people and how they treat their dead. And it is a sign
of their belief!” It means that if everything we are talking about of faith
and religion and good character and good manners is for the here, then it
should also be manifesting for the Hereafter. All of the good manners from
prayers and the disciplines of fasting and washing and cleaning, this is
all for here, but Allah (SWT) says, "I do not put the weight of a mosquito
on *dunya*,” (life) here is for you; (if we have) good character then we
are  good people, good disciplines then we are good friends with our family
or our loved ones, and our communities prospers when we are good, because
it is very scary when we are bad, and that is all for here. But Allah (SWT)
says, "Here I don't even count this *dunya* for the weight of a mosquito's
wing." He is not excited about *dunya* and what you achieve in *dunya*. It
means it must be for the Hereafter. All of that good character, you benefit
from it; if you pray you benefit, if you fast you benefit, if you give
charity you benefit because you become a person with good character. You
possess good manners you care for one another and you are your brother's
keeper; Allah says, “You are responsible, they are your brothers and
sisters and you feed them, if you have good manners. And if you care for
each other why are you going to war and killing each other?” So then it’s
in the Hereafter that we have the results. And Mawlana Shaykh is teaching
that with this good character, Prophet (s) comes (to teach us) and becomes
the master of those departing from this world. It means another sign for us
when we are researching, and those who are in research of spirituality
ask, "What
is the ‘perfected way?’ What is it that Sufi's have so much knowledge
about, these realities and their science?

1.     One, they are reminding us tonight is, "Look at how they treat their
dead, it is a sign of their *yaqeen* or certainty, *wa* *daarul* *ihsan*.
It means their *Islam is their submission*. Everyone based on their
religion and how they are going to submit. Based on their level of
submission what is their Iman, faith? What happens with their love = faith.
So take the Arabic out and use English if it makes you more comfortable.
Some one came and said, "I don't follow Islam." Okay, Islam is the Arabic
word it only means submission. Are you trying to submit? And as a result of
you submitting your desires for a higher desire, do you now have love and

2.     And if you have love and faith then Prophet (s) says, "Now look from
the *darul* *Ihsan*, the Abode of Excellence." The Abode of Excellence has
to do with; "How are you sending off your loved one to the Hereafter? You
enjoyed them here and you had many benefits of their being here. But how do
you treat those that are departing to the Hereafter is the Moral Excellence
of Faith.” And it is an amazing thing to research because it is hidden in
many cultures except for Islam.

In Islam and Sufism it is a huge celebration and what we call *urs*, big
Awliyaullah, saints and pious people as we said before we say *urs (for
them),* in our language it is *aroos* or *aroosi*, it is the wedding day
and it is also a day of their death. It’s a wedding there but here it is
death,  (because) you die from your (worldy) desires. You have to be
compassionate, or you have to be giving-off or sacrificing. It means the *
urs* or the *aroosi* is a tremendous reality. And as soon as you die, you
are going back to The One Who created you. You are going back with all your
medallions, all of what you have achieved in this mission that you were
given on Earth.

We have come from Heavens, and *inna* *lillahi* *wa* *inna* *elayhi* *
rajioon*, you have come from the Heavens with a two-way ticket! And nobody
has proven that they can stay here and you depart quickly, some quicker
than others. And you go with all festivities and all celebrations back to
The One Who created you, back into the Oceans of Love and Mercy and it is a
celebration just like a marriage; all the Heavens are waiting for that soul
that is arriving, all the ancestors and all the lights and realities of
Paradise are waiting for the one who is coming back as the
*musafir*(traveler) from their
*safar *(journey). It is like you have been gone for ten, fifteen or twenty
years and you are coming back home with all the gifts, because you won't
come back on a trip to your country without bringing any gifts to give to
your family, they would beat you up. They would say, "You went to the
Promised Land with all the western benefits, and you did not come back with
any gifts for us?" And they line up at the airport with everything, waiting
with bouquets and clapping, this is all for *dunya*. But Allah (SWT) says
"What do you think your relatives are waiting for?" All your ancestors and
we can't even imagine where our ancestors were and how we ended up being in
Vancouver? They never thought for the life of them, that that light would
be coming from these realities and these cities, from these regions and all
our children how many generations now are from completely different

And there is a big gathering, like at an airport, they are congratulating
and waiting that you have come back home. And what have you brought for all
of them, of divine gifts and realities, stations and *darajats*, because we
are all going to benefit from them in Paradise. So then Prophet (s) came to
perfect the character and to (show how to) prepare for the departure. He
said, “There is a tremendous awaiting on that side,” and he (s) said, "Take
the body of that guest, the beloved who is from the Divine Presence and
wash them, like an *aroosi*, it is the night of your marriage and you have
to wash quickly, like you are *junub* and you are out of *wudhu* and you
are going to go meet Allah (SWT) and they want to wash you as quick as
possible. And when they wash you, they have to wash you with warm water. *If
they wash you with cold, the one who washed you will be punished in the
Hereafter because your body will complain to Allah (SWT*), "When they put
me on the table to wash me, Ya Rabbi they put cold water on me and I felt
everything." And you don't feel that now because of your ego, the ego is
blocking the physical sensation from the soul, but (you feel that) if you
have had a very powerful dream where you wake up shaken and crying or
laughing. The soul feels everything beyond imagination; it feels with a
complete and pure feeling. And that soul feels the temperature of the
water, it feels the character of the people who are washing, and so the
Prophet (s) was giving the perfection of characters, "*Take that body and
wash with respect." *

You cannot expose their nakedness; when that person was not allowed to be
exposed in *dunya,* how are you going to expose them (at their death)? It
means there is such a refinement of belief and Prophet (s) is teaching, *"In
their life, they were covered and in their death, when Allah (SWT) is about
to meet them, you have no right to expose them."* It means you take the
blanket on one leg and you begin to wash like you make *ghusl*, and then
you move the blanket to the other leg and you begin to wash that leg, and
men wash men, women wash women, and you wash in a complete *wudhu*.

After the washing has been completed for women, nobody is allowed to see
her, she is in perfect *nikab* completely veiled that nobody can be in her
presence, she is about to go back pure, back to the Divine Presence. And
all the *janaza* prayers, that are held for the dearly departed who is
going back into the Divinely Presence, with so many blessings, and lights,
to Allah (SWT), welcoming them with open arms with all the prophets and
saints, and all pious people as well as all the relatives. It means it is
such a celebration and such a reality, that Prophet (s) was teaching that
“It is not the (life) here but the (life in the) Hereafter, that everything
we are doing this for and make sure that the janaza is your finale. Make
sure that it is right and clean and perfected and purified and you are
going off and meeting your Lord with such excellence and such love and
reverence, *this is the sign of our entire faith. *

How can you claim to love the Divine; how can you claim to have good
characteristics, how can we claim that we have moral excellence, if you
take somebody and shove them and burn them and throw them and kick them out
like you kick them out of the window? Then, Prophet (s) is inspiring and
the Awliyaullah are pushing and speaking, "Don't believe in hypocrisy." If
your actions are not right here, most definitely they are not right in the
Hereafter. And that how you treat those who are passing away? It is a big
sign (of that teaching). That one (while living) with all their benefit (to
society), and all their blessings, how you can take them and begin to burn
them? Allah (SWT) says, "You have no right even in warfare to fight with
fire." The chivalry of Islam is only allowed to fight with a sword. You
can't even shoot a bullet from a firearm. Allah (SWT) is going to ask you,
"What right did you have to burn My Creation? *And you sent them to Me like
a burnt kebob? And I sent them to you, pure and purified (at birth).”*

And now they say even the burning is not good enough, we want to liquefy
them. They make a container and they come up with some lie about earth, "We
don't want to waste the space on Earth!"

This Earth is only created for this purpose; this Earth is not for your
condominium complexes it is not for your homes, it was *brought here to
encase Mankind*. The highest honour for this *ardh*, earth, is to welcome
men and women back. It is not for our condominiums and it's not for our
cars. Allah (SWT) did not create this Earth for all these structures. But
the honour within the earth is, "I am the safeguard and safe keeper of your
holy body. And this is the honour that Allah (SWT) has given to me.” It
means when you pass, they open up the earth and they bury the body. And now
Allah (SWT) says, "Look to a culture that says 'they believe in the Divine'
and they burn all of their dead. This cannot be matching, here (in this
world) and in the Hereafter." Then they push in a new culture that "Now we
don't even want to burn but we want to liquefy them." And they put them
into a chemical, an acid, and Mawlana Shaykh is reminding that, “Your soul
feels everything,” just like a bad dream when you wake up your heart is
palpitating. And imagine that next time, if you don't believe this, you
tell your loved one "When I am deep asleep, take a lighter and start
burning my foot." You don't imagine it will be painful even when you are
deep asleep? And you say*, “When I am deep asleep, please take a lighter
and burn my feet,” and see if that hurts you? Okay, you will wake up
screaming and probably slap the person who did that to you.* "Why did you
do that?"

Imagine the full sense of the soul; what difficulties is it going to
endure, what type of pains is it going to endure? And the Prophet (s) was
saying, "You cannot even wash a body with cold water." And the body is
going to testify against you. And you ask, “How is it going to testify?”
When it will complain, "Ya Rabbi they put me in an oven and they baked me."
Who is responsible for that? Which book said to, “Cook them as they are
coming back to My Presence?” This is from the bad ego.

The bad ego did not like us coming and is very unhappy with us for
departing, saying, "All your life I have bothered you and now I will bother
you the most on your exist." The most amount of difficulty (comes at
death). They say that even the dying, the phase of death, is so difficult
that as the soul is about to depart the body it has a tremendous thirst and
it is begging Allah (SWT) and we don't know at that time, of the last seven
breaths, what is happening. But during those last seven breaths there is a
tremendous torment and the soul is trying to leave the body, it is
experiencing a tremendous thirst, that *“Ya Rabbi grant me one drop of
water,” *and immediately Shaytan appears and says, "Denounce your faith and
I will grant you water. Denounce all your belief in the Divine Presence and
I will give you water.”

And the *Baraka* and intercession of the intercessor, the reality of the
Prophet (s), which is the belief in Sayyidina Muhammad (s), on those last
seven breaths, the *roohaniyat* of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) appears. (The
deceased says) “I need my attorney, I have my Miranda rights for heavens,
whatever testing you are going to do based on water or whatever, Shaytan, I
was taught to say, A’udhu billahi min ash Shaytani rajeem Bismillahi
Rahmaani Raheem.” At that time all the Miranda rights come in. I don't know
if Canada has Miranda rights or is it just the US? As soon as you get
arrested and before they incriminate you for things, at that time they say,
"You have the right to be silent." Why? - So that your attorney appears,
because you don't know who is going to push what on you. Allah (SWT) is
inspiring for *dunya* that right to us and what do you think about Akhira?
Allah (SWT) says, “Don’t speak,” you had learnt to say *A’udhu* *billahi* *
min* *ash* *Shaytani* *rajeem*, *Bismillahi* *Rahmaani* *Raheem* and  *
roohaniyat* *un*-*Nabi* (s) appears and  says, "This is my client, I will
speak, what is it that you need, I will grant to you," so that you don't
fall under any guise or any trick.

And all of that miraculous departure and all of that reality is based on
this departure from *dunya. *And then research how other cultures bury
their dead? A very popular culture exists in the west and you can Google
their names and see how they bury their dead; you can't imagine it. And
they claim to be very peaceful and they claim to be meditating all the
time. And they have a place in Tibet where they take the bodies of those
who die and they chop them with an axe and put them all along the mountain
and they sit there watching as the birds come to eat them. Click on Sky
Burial <>

We just said that the dead person is going to complain about you using cold
water on them, what is it going to say when you chop them with an axe? And
he is screaming and feeling it but has no permission to speak. Because the
faith wasn't taught; "Be careful. You are going to be more real than you
can imagine." Who has the right to take your feet and chop you into pieces
and throw you on the mountain and watch a vulture, the ugliest of birds
come and eat them? You don't see beautiful pigeons coming; a very awful
looking vulture comes and eats the human remains.

*Wala* *qad* *karamna* *bani* *Adam* (*as*); the Prophet (s) was teaching
that (Allah says) "I have created all of Bani Adam as a noble Creation, who
has a right to eat them?" What creature has the right to eat them? What
creature has the right to chop them to pieces and put them on the side of a
mountain and let animals come to devour them? Is this the noble departure
from earth? Is this the claim of peace and tranquility? It means then,
Mawlana Shaykh says it’s very simple, all the teachings of perfection
should lead towards perfection (while living), but the most perfect is (the
time of) your departure from this world. How are we going to meet our Lord
and in what condition are we going to meet our Lord?

And all those other groups that are preaching peace and tranquility, start
researching how they bury their dead. There are places in India where they
pile them up and leave them on an open slab and animals come to eat them.
Other cultures take them and chop them and leave them on the side of the
mountain where birds come and devour them. And Mawlana Shaykh is saying, “Is
this really in preparation for the Divine Presence?” Or is this something
very dangerous? The *daar* *ul* *Ihsaan,* the Abode of Excellence, is
teaching that everything in this formula must be matching. The Excellence
of Character should mean that you are sweet, compassionate, and loving here
(on Earth) and you must have that same love, that same compassion, that
same character as you are preparing those who are departing to the
Hereafter. We pray that we understand more and more and that we look deeper
into these realities and study more of these different understandings to
understand this whole formula, that Love = Faith, and respect for all our
mannerisms and our character should be in the preparation  for (living)
here and most of all for the Hereafter. *Subhana Rabbika Rabbill izzati
amma yasifun wa salamun alal mursalin wal hamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen*.

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