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o : 9 November 2005 • 6:32AM -0500

Re: Pb with object release
by Sherm Pendley


On Nov 8, 2005, at 5:02 PM, Simon Brée wrote:

> I don't understand what I'm doing wrong concerning memory management

The cocoa-dev list would be a better place to ask - memory management  
with retain/release is part of the Cocoa framework, not of the  
Objective-C language. Having said that...

> in my following code : when I try to uncomment one or both lines at  
> the end to release my objects, my apps exit with a signal 10.
> Do you see why ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Simon
> - (IBAction) setLocation:(id)sender {
> [...]
> if (theIndex == 2) {
> NSString *theDirLocation = [[NSString alloc] init];

What's the point of the line above? You're creating an empty string,  
but it's not a mutable string, so you can't change it.

> [...]

I have a hunch that somewhere in the above [...], you're doing  
something like this:

theDirLocation = [theDirLocation  

There are several important things to understand here. First is that  
methods like this one do *not* modify the original string; instead,  
they create a new one. Second, because the new string wasn't created  
with +alloc or -copy, you're not responsible for releasing it.

And finally, because you've assigned theDirLocation to point to the  
new object, you no longer have a reference to the old one.  
Unfortunately, the old one *was* created with +alloc, and it was  
therefore your responsibility to release it, so in addition to a  
crash you have a memory leak.

> NSImage *theDirIcon = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace]  
> iconForFile:theDirLocation];

Note - theDirIcon was not created with +alloc or -copy, and you  
haven't sent it a -retain. So, you don't need to release it.


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