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o : 20 December 2005 • 2:18PM -0500

forwardInvocation: & "warning: method definition not found"
by Matt Covey


The situation:

   I have a class that implements a few methods itself but uses a helper object to handle many others. Putting method definitions in @interface allows compile-time type checking.

The problem:

   Those methods not in the @implementation - handled by '-forwardInvocation' - are flagged by gcc with warnings (as you would expect):

    warning: method definition for '-abc' not found

So is there some way to prevent/suppress these warnings ?
  Compiler flag I haven't found?
  Work around?

I've searched the archives, the web, build settings, etc.


@interface CustomView: NSView
    ViewHelper   *helper_;

- (BOOL)   abc;


@implementation CustomView

- (void) forwardInvocation: (NSInvocation *) inv
    if( [helper_ respondsToSelector: [inv selector]] )
        [inv invokeWithTarget: helper_];
        [super forwardInvocation: inv];

// ('-methodSignatureForSelector:' omitted for brevity)


@implementation ViewHelper

- (BOOL) abc



Thanks for any help,

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