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o : 31 August 2006 • 11:09AM -0400

Re: [Ogf-l] Warning OSRIC downloads try to install EXP/Agent.B onto your computer!
by David Shepheard


From: "Eric Anondson" <xen@visi...>
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2006 4:53 PM

> On Aug 17, 2006, at 10:21 AM, Daniel Conner wrote:
>> Why is 2nd not an OGL system??
> Because WotC has not released it under the OGL.....
>> I don't wanna have to convert my whole world to 3rd or 3.5.  There  are
>> some things I don't like in that system.....
> Then check out OSRIC!!!!!

It is a shame that when I tried to download OSRIC a pop up window attempted
to download "EXP/Agent.B" onto my computer.

I would have recommended this system to the people I know who dislike
3e/3.5e, but I'm not prepared to help spread viruses so I'll keep quite
about it until Knights and Knaves dump

I can't find any contact details for Knights and Knaves or Stuart Marshall.
Can anyone get in touch with them and ask them to disable the OSRIC download
link until they fix the problem? I think that Knights and Knaves also need
to publish an appology along with instructions on how to remove EXP/Agent.B
from your computer.

I don't know why they even use as the PDF itself is on
their own website. Here is the direct URL for anyone who wants to check out
OSRIC without getting hacked by

(I'm not blaming Stuart Marshall for this, as I had a similar problem back
when I used Bravenet for hosting. Bravenet seemed happy to allow their
advertisers to attempt to hack all of my visitors. I tried to get them to
ban the problem advertisers, but they failed to respond to my support
requests. I now refuse to put any external content on my website. I'm sure
this is ignorance on the part of Knights and Knaves rather than an attempt
by them to hack role playing fans.)

David "Big Mac" Shepheard
Virtual Eclipse Science Fiction Role Playing Club

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