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o : 1 March 2007 • 9:55PM -0500

[ozmidwifery] Re: Maternity coalition
by Lisa Barrett


The way I understand the maternity coalition  are formally recognised as
a lobbying goup.

This is something I read on a public forum about the MC,
"Lobbying is a pretty dispassionate job and advocacy work can get in the
of effective lobbying"
"Well, I know that MC did a lot of individual consumer advocacy in the
days but, realistically, MC cannot be an advocacy group and a lobby group
simultaneously. Again, it's a simple issue of (wo)man power. Consider the
fact that all active members are volunteers and almost all are mothers with
babies and young children themselves and you'll understand that the
face2face advocacy work is very time consuming and extremely stressful for
an untrained individual to take on. You don't want unskilled people doing
advocacy work!!"

Maybe it should be clearer what exactly the maternity coalition do so woman
understand how it's helping them and in what capacity and we can really get
it out there.

Lisa Barrett

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> Subject: [ozmidwifery] Re: web sites for antenatal information
>> Dear Carol
>> I have just squizzed your website and notice Maternity Coalition missing.
>> It would be useful to link MC to help women to understand that they can
>> challenge obstetric domination (should they want to).
>> Also helps to get it out there that there is a national maternity
>> consumer
>> advocacy organisation.
>> Kind regards
>> Justine Caines
>> National President
>> Maternity Coalition Inc
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>> SCONE NSW  2329
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>> Mob: 0408 210273
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