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s : 9 September 2007 • 3:34AM -0400

Re: SD> Shelby Dakota computer
by 440superbee


    The other stock computers that can work is the one from the 1989 D150.  He will have to make sure the truck is optioned the same way.  I don't have this confirmed, but things like cruise control and power windows all called for a different flash from the factory.  I have a Shelby Dakota (for sale) and at one time I was going to add power windows.  The service tech at a local dealership told me I couldn't use the factory parts for the above reason.  The Shelby computer also modified the lockup in the stall converter and the shift points for the transmission.  The electric fan control is the major difference that has to be overcome.  The other stuff will just change how the truck performs.  Which is not that great anyway by today's standards.

     You mention an "MP" that Mopar Performance?  I am not aware of one.  Do you have the part number?


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> Does anyone have a replacement source for the 1989 Shelby Dakota computer? One
> of my customers is in need of a replacement (either stock or MP version) and
> he's not sure where to locate one.
> As a last ditch alternative I've heard that a regular stock computer from the
> era will work but you have to manually wire up the front electric radiator
> fans. Which stock computer would be used for that?
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