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s : 18 September 2007 • 12:44PM -0400

SD> looking for 89 block, and a few T1-->T2 questions
by Chris Mullins


Ok to start off with I'm posting for my brother who is located near knoxville,

He is switching an 85 daytona turbo Z (black/black leather t-tops...yea) auto
T1, to an 89 T2 (a555)setup.

All the how-to's I've read deal with changing a t1 motor to a t2 but we don't
have a t1 engine worth it, and the 89 parts car he has, has a bad block (and
piston and crank).  So to start with we could really use an 89 Engine but a
block would suffice.

Next, can anyone direct me to more info about what will be involved?  The
mechanical part shouldn't be any big deal, and I'm assuming we can just swap
in the computers from the 89 with no real problems, but will we use the whole
wiring harness from the 89 from engine to dash, and if so will the gauges
require any work?

Thanks for any help you all can provide.


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