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Cisco Eyes New Satellite Networks


<title>SkyREPORT 12/08/2010 - Cisco Eyes New Satellite Networks</title>
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<div class="article_title" >Cisco Eyes New Satellite Networks</div>

<div class="article" ><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"><br></span><span style="font-weight: bold;">Cisco</span> made a call the other day ... the first ever VoIP call using a commercial satellite without any terrestrial infrastructure.<br><br>That would be zip on the ground equipment. 
For the first time.  <br><br>It's   a part of Cisco's new IRIS (Internet Routing in Space) technology which   promises to route voice, data and video traffic between users over a   single IP network technology which, Cisco says, "offers several   enhancements over conventional satellite
technology."  Greater cost   effectiveness is, of course, key among these as Cisco continues testing   and upgrades with its IRIS router aboard Intelsat 14, which was launched   a year ago. <br><br>Said Cisco of the project, "It's all part of an   ambitious Cisco plan to transform satellite
networks, growing a   potentially massive new market by putting routers on the numerous   communications satellites that orbit our planet, thus extending the   Internet into space.•<span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"><br></span> <P>
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<div class="article_title" >SkyLog:  Starz/Netflix Talks; Conditions from Comcast; EchoStar Gets DoD Blessing</div>

<div class="article" ><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"><br>Starz, Netflix Accelerate Talks</span>:  Look for a new <span style="font-weight: bold;">Starz/Netflix</span> deal "well before Q3 2011," says <span style="font-weight: bold;">BTIG</span> analyst <span style="font-style:
italic;">Richard Greenfield</span>.    The duo's current contract is believed to expire in Oct. 2011 but   Greenfield says he now expects a new agreement to surface much sooner   given Starz's gotta-have status for Netflix.  Payments to Starz, and its digital movie partners <span
style="font-weight: bold;">Disney</span> and <span style="font-weight: bold;">Sony</span>,   are likely to balloon from $30M to more than $250M (as an average),   Greenfield believes.  Read the   article <a
href="">here</a> and remember that you must register first.<br><br><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">The Deal</span>:  <span
style="font-weight: bold;">Comcast</span>'s latest ex parte with the <span style="font-weight: bold;">FCC</span>   says it will "not require unaffiliated content suppliers, as a   condition of carriage on Comcast cable systems, to refuse to sell their   programming to MVPDs and Online Video
Distributors (‘OVDs')."  But, the   company says, it retains the right to insist that said suppliers not   offer their programming for free during an initial window and that   Comcast should have parity with any other distributors. <br><br><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration:
underline;">Gov't & Regs</span>:  The battle between Reps. <span style="font-style: italic;">Joe Barton </span>(R-TX) and <span style="font-style: italic;">Fred Upton</span>   (R-MI) for chair of the Energy & Commerce Committee and   Communications Subcommittee has been resolved. 
Upton is the guy (and it   looks like his focus will be healthcare) and Joe promises to be a good   soldier<span style="font-weight: bold;"></span>. --- Meanwhile, the guy who currently holds that job (Rep. <span style="font-style: italic;">Henry Waxman</span>   (D-CA)) wrote the FCC and the <span
style="font-weight: bold;">DOJ</span> to tell them that the FCC should   insure that "competing program distributors have access to programming   or channels in which Comcast-NBCU has a financial interest."  As for the   internet, Waxman says Comcast must be prohibited from degrading or
blocking content that competes with its   own services or providing its own with better service.<span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"></span><br><br><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">People</span>:  <span style="font-weight: bold;">Cox</span> PR
honcho <span style="font-style: italic;">David Grabert </span>is moving over to <span style="font-weight: bold;">Canoe Ventures</span> as VP, marketing communications.  <span style="font-style: italic;">Mallard Holliday</span> will take Grabert's place at Cox. --- <span style="font-weight:
bold;">Verizon</span>'s <span style="font-style: italic;">Anthony Melone</span> has moved up to EVP and CTO; he was previously SVP and CTO for Verizon Wireless. -- <span style="font-weight: bold;">MTV</span> has bumped <span style="font-style: italic;">Jeff Lucas</span> up to head of sales for the
music and entertainment groups.  He was previously EVP of the entertainment sales group.  <br><br><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Programming</span>:  <span style="font-weight: bold;">DISH Network</span> has added <span style="font-weight: bold;">PixL HD
</span>to   its line-up on Ch. 388.  The net is described as "The first true   family-safe movie channel featuring original movies and miniseries that   inspire, entertain, and touch the heart." --- <span style="font-weight: bold;">Telemundo</span>'s   Sunday night broadcast of "Futbol Estelar"
catapulted it into the No. 1   spot for Spanish-language broadcast nets in several key ratings   categories.  Overall, the match was  seen by nearly 4.7 million viewers,   including 3.1 million Adults 18-49<span style="font-weight: bold;">.</span><span style="font-weight:
bold;"></span><br><br><span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Up in the Sky</span>:  <span style="font-weight: bold;">EchoStar Satellite Services</span> has been rated compliant with the <span style="font-weight: bold;">Department of Defense'</span>s   most stringent
requirements for mission assurance.  That gives the   company the go-ahead to bid on all federal satcom projects. --- Former <span style="font-weight: bold;">Intel</span> CEO and chairman <span style="font-style: italic;">Craig Barrett</span>   will speak about the crisis in science,
technology, engineering and   mathematics (STEM) education and potential solutions at the <span style="font-weight: bold;">27th National Space Symposium</span> Corporate Partnership Dinner, April 12, 2011. --- The latest hit to the beleaguered <span style="font-weight:
bold;">Harbinger/LightSquared</span> play for hybrid wireless:  According to the reports the Skyterra 1 sat is having problems with its reflector antenna.<span style="font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;"></span><br> <P>
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