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TOPIC: "Showing Him Who's Boss" (Part One) {FF/M}

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Date: Sun, Oct 10 2010 4:59 pm
From: CrimsnKid6  

“SHOWING HIM WHO’S BOSS”  (Part One) by the Crimson Kid

(This narrative is from the “Letters to the Editor” feature in the
summer 2010 edition of Matrons’ Domestic Disciplinary Digest.)

Dear Madame Matron,

   I’m a newlywed who is now embarking on my own domestic disciplinary
journey as a wife, although it’s the marital status rather than the
relationship itself that is relatively new since my husband Colin has
been subject to sound bare-bottom blisterings at my hand—wielding
various spanking implements--since he first became my boyfriend almost
a decade ago. However, what I’m writing to you about is a change-in-
situation rite of passage that I was generously included within by my
wonderful Aunt Barbara.

   Although I’ve always referred to her as “ Aunt Barbara” at her
request, she’s actually the wife of my mother’s first cousin, Paul,
so technically she’s my first cousin ‘once removed’ by marriage—but
the affection and admiration that I feel for her certainly justifies
my considering her to be at the very least my favorite aunt.

   This past January, in the middle of the month, Aunt Barbara reached
her fiftieth birthday and had invited some of her close friends and
relatives to a modest Saturday night celebration at a moderately
upscale restaurant, a ‘pay-your-own-way’ meal. Most of her female
friends are fellow members of an organization called the Sisterhood
for Spousal Correction, whose ‘sisters’ practice regular corporal
punishment—meaning frequent emphatic spankings on their husbands’
naked buttocks—within their respective marriages and sometimes with
other married couples as well.

   Since the guests included a few of Aunt Barbara’s professional
colleagues from the university  who were unaware of her domestic
disciplinary relationship with cousin Paul, there were no CP-oriented
gifts given that evening and no references to birthday fanny-tanning
traditions at the time either, but all females present who possessed
‘spanking privileges’ over Paul were privately invited to stop by at
Aunt Barbara’s house at three o’clock the following afternoon for a
spanking ceremony commemorating her birthday. All the invitees managed
to make it there on time, in fact I’d say that altogether we were an
eager bunch of witnesses for the impending pants-down paddling that
was anticipated—because even though it was Aunt Barbara’s birthday
that was being celebrated, by longstanding Sisterhood practice it was
Paul’s exposed posterior that was going to be walloped quite

   I won’t go into the details here, suffice it to say that my
beautiful honorary aunt received a loving birthday gift from my mother
and myself—an acrylic lexan paddle with a transparent heart-shaped
striking surface dotted by numerous small beveled holes, both its no-
slip rubber handle and the trim around its edges colored a bright

   “It’s for double duty, Aunt Barbara,” I pointed out proudly, since
its purchase had been my idea, “To administer your birthday spanking
today and your Valentine’s Day whomping of Paul’s bare behind next
month too.”

   She kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly. “Thank you, that’s very
thoughtful of you, I’m certain that Paul appreciates it too since
he’ll be getting as much benefit from it as I will…Isn’t that correct,

   My blushing cousin, the only person of the masculine persuasion
present at that time, nodded nervously. “Ummmm…Thank you, Bethie—and
you too, Miriam.” Then he abruptly yipped as that brand-spanking-new
paddle twice connected sharply to the seat of his powder blue ‘Doctor
Denton’ pajama outfit, which was momentarily still covering his

   “Hugs and kisses to show your gratitude,” Aunt Barbara admonished
her husband, “Try to show some manners.” He quickly gave me a brief
embrace and lightly kissed my lips, then he did the same to Mom.

   Aunt Brittany (also an honorary form of address), my mother’s
childhood friend who once was Paul’s girlfriend, shook her head in
mock disapproval. “This reprobate just doesn’t get his buns toasted
nearly enough, that’s why he’s so inconsiderate.”

   A mere minute later, almost as if in response to that playfully
critical comment, Paul found himself bent way over Aunt Barbara’s left
knee with her right leg clamped down atop the backs of his thighs, a
position that left his rear end sticking starkly upward although still
protected by his pajamas’ three-button seat flap.

   “Brittie, Beth and Miriam, if you’d each unbutton one place then
I’ll unveil my naughty boy’s ‘seat of learning’ and get down to the
business at hand—well, at paddle actually.” We complied immediately,
chortling at Paul’s plight, then Aunt Barbara pulled down the ‘trap
door’ to reveal his fully-rounded yet firmly-toned gluteal globes,
which were pristinely pale and smooth—Aunt Barbara shaves them closely
several times a week and applies aloe cream or baby oil to them every
night, giving those nether moons a youthful look in spite of their
owner being well into middle age.

   Aunt Brittany snickered at the view. “Look at that snow-white
derriere, when was the last time you worked it over with your whipping
strap, Barb?”

   “I’ve held back from giving my loving lifemate any bare-assed butt-
beatings for the past four days because I wanted him to provide me
with a perfect target for today,” Aunt Barbara explained. “Boy, am I
ever going to plaster that helpless bare hiney right now though, this
is going to be such great fun—for all of us, of course, especially
including Paul, since I’m going to make him really weep and wail for

   Then she did exactly that, after pinning my cousin’s upturned right
wrist against the small of his back as I handed her the lexan paddle.
“Happy birthday again, Aunt Barbara,” I told her with a wide grin,
“And happy bare-bottom paddywhacking to you, dear cousin,” I added
while ruffling Paul’s gray-streaked dark blond hair. The first SMACK!!
of that wicked spanking implement impacted smartly against his lower
right buttcheek a second later, making him wince and gasp with its
stinging intensity.

   “One,” all of us feminine observed chorused gleefully, and we
repeated that count four seconds later as the paddle’s hard, multi-
holed striking surface cracked across Paul’s left buttock round just
above the thighcrease. Since each of the male recipient’s southern
hemispheres is the same age there should be a separate sizzling swat
given to both of them for each year of age (plus the traditional “one
to grow on”), that’s by Sisterhood standards for birthday spankings—
which are always to be applied to husbandly unprotected posteriors,
regardless of which spouse’s birthday it is.

   With seven women cheering her onward and counting the doubled
wallops of the birthday paddle atop her beloved victim’s bouncing bare
bumcheeks, Aunt Barbara delivered a blistering-hard, red-assed
shellacking that had him shortly reduced to sobbing and howling,
followed by hapless blubbering by the time the 102nd smack of that
wicked lexan spanker had plastered the fiery-hot ‘sit spots’ at the
bottom of his bottom.

   Paul was ordered to stand in the corner, leaning with his nose
touching both walls and his palms upturned with his wife’s transparent
birthday paddle lying atop them, displaying  his glowing bright red
rump for us relaxing ladies to view and make teasing remarks about—and
we made them plenty loud, noting how ideally spankable his south side
was and how buoyantly it had bounced under every stroke of the paddle
that connected to it.

   “Do you think my sweet cousin’s flaming fanny has been given enough
scorching heat,” I snidely asked Aunt Barbara after ten minutes of
cornertime had passed, “Or does he need to bring that lexan seat-
stinger over to me and go across my sexy thighs for a repeat

   “What do you think, sweetheart,” she demanded of her embarrassed
husband, “Would you like to go bare-bottom-up over Beth’s knee right
now, so she can give you my birthday spanking from her with that
lovely lexan rump-smacker you’re holding?”

   Paul gulped before replying. “Uhhhh…Yes, dear, I’d be happy to take
your birthday spanking from Bethie, if that’s your desire.”

   Aunt Barbara pretended to ponder the issue before continuing.
“Well, Paul my love, I’m going to let Beth, Brittie and Miriam
administer my fiftieth birthday ass-thrashing on your chubby caboose
this afternoon, that will result in your naked fanny being tanned good
and proper four times today, then the rest of our guests—Pamela,
Miranda, Christie and Candy—can arrange to drop by during the week to
take their cracks at your bare behind, using the new paddle or any
other spanking implement they desire. Tomorrow’s a holiday, so they’d
have all day to come over and spank your naked nates to a red-hot fare-
thee-well then.” She beamed at the rest of us women. “How does that
sound to you, ladies?”

   Pamela, the local Sisterhood chapter coordinator, smiled smugly.
“Fine, Barb, although I’m going to claim a prerogative of rank and use
two implements—my lexan ‘rod of correction’ is too severe to apply all
one-hundred-and-two strokes with, so I’ll administer three dozen with
it and the rest over my lap with the Jokari paddle.” She addressed my
trembling cousin pointedly. “Let’s say tomorrow morning at nine
o’clock, Paul dear, there’s no point in wasting the day and I’m going
to stretch the session out with some cornerime and lots of kissing of
my gorgeous derriere on your part.”

   “Then that’s settled,” Aunt Barbara stated cheerfully. “There’s a
couple conditions to your delivering my birthday walloping to my
beloved spouse, Beth,” she informed me.

   I was puzzled. “Yes, Aunt Barbara?”

   She chuckled. “First of all, even though this will be a playful
paddling and not an actual punishment, I must insist that you treat me
with respect and show absolutely no mercy to my darling husband’s bare
bottom—it’s my rite of passage ceremony, after all, and my birthday
wish is that my loving spankee proxy be paddywhacked with extreme

   I tittered delightedly. “Your wish is my command--he’s going to be
bawling like a baby, I promise you that… So what else, Aunt Barbara?”

   “Afterward, he must honor you with at least five minutes of kissing
your sweet little fanny, preferably on the bare but without any
frontal exposure, of course—and if he doesn’t seem grateful enough for
your full satisfaction, I’ll expect you here at ten o’clock tonight
and we’ll both give him a long, blistering-hard, bare-assed leathering
with my whipping strap for being disrespectful to you. So are we in
agreement on all this, Beth?”

   I nodded, determined that no matter how much I enjoyed that ass-
worshipping courtesy of my humbled cousin, it wasn’t going to be
considered satisfactory. “Absolutely and completely, Aunt Barbara.”

   Miranda guffawed. “Well, in that case it’s time for our beautiful
birthday girl’s substitute spankee to toddle over to Beth, hand her
the paddle, ask for a very hard spanking and bend over her knee.”

   “You heard her, dear cousin,” my mother instructed curtly, “March,
young man!”

   Two minutes later, Paul was indeed jackknifed over my left thigh
and held in the same restraint position that Aunt Barbara had employed
earlier, and I was enjoying the thrill of vigorously smacking his
upthrust and unprotected posterior with the lexan fanny-tanner that
he’d proffered to me, with an embarrassed shiver, before requesting
that I administer his wife’s birthday spanking atop his own bare

   Although I was giggling with unabashed glee, I still whacked Paul’s
perfectly-positioned derriere with extreme enthusiasm, repeatedly
cracking that heart-shaped paddle’s smooth polymer striking surface
against the ‘spank spot’ at the plumpest, most tender part of his
openly-exposed asscheeks while he futilely kicked, yelped, blubbered
and finally ended up whimpering in surrender.

   Still, I continued to wail away at my hapless cousin’s rapidly-
reddening rump, the paddleswats becoming even more energetic as I
developed an effective spanking rhythm while the older womanly
witnesses clapped, laughed and enumerated the stinging swats. Even
though it was Aunt Barbara’s birthday we were celebrating, it seemed
that the pleasure was all mine.

   That’s as much as I have time to tell you so far, but there was
even more spanking-good female fun, again at the expense of my cousin
Paul’s poor punished hind end, the following weekend. I’ll get back to
you on that, Madame Matron, as soon as I can—it makes me smile just to
remember it.

--Bethany K., Whop Holler, February 2010

TOPIC: zzz TongueStickerOuter (M/F)

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Date: Mon, Oct 11 2010 1:11 pm
From: "Brian G"  

I think it may often appear to be easier for men to write as ladies than the
other way around though, at least judging from the attempts I've read, but
then being male its not something that I've studied  at leangth. So we need
a lidy to post a story from the male perspective to even things up a bit.


          I hope I grow on you....
                       I'm a Fungi!!!
"CR" <carriagereturn@hotm...> wrote in message
> On 10/8/2010 10:11 AM, Barrister wrote:
>> In article<6_KdncuyI841LDPRnZ2dnUVZ5uGdnZ2d@giga...>, CR says...
>>> See, here's the problem and he's not helping.
>> Yes, you do have a problem.  Were I the recipient of all those hints and
>> brattings, you'd not be sitting comfortable for the proverbial week.
>> But, since
>> I'm not, you do have a problem.  :p
> At the risk of disappointing, I'm a he in real life. But I thought it'd be
> fun to try to write from the opposite POV.  And my response to the owner
> of her voice would be exactly like yours.
> CR


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