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* Spanking Party, Chelsea NYC, Feb.10 - 2 messages, 2 authors
* REPOST: Hidden Heroes #3.2, Rules, Rules (REJUVE) - 2 messages, 2 authors
* Greg - 2 messages, 2 authors
* Lose Weight in 1 Week - 1 messages, 1 author
* A question for Grace...and others - 6 messages, 6 authors
* A Taste of Leather - 1 messages, 1 author
* A Sign Of Spring - 1 messages, 1 author
* REPOST: Hidden Heroes #3.3 (REJUVE) - 1 messages, 1 author
* Mysterious Ways [F/m] - 2 messages, 2 authors
* Paris Hilton..Bad influence on young girls. - 1 messages, 1 author
* RE Introduction POSSIBLE DECEPTIONS - 2 messages, 2 authors

TOPIC: Spanking Party, Chelsea NYC, Feb.10

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 2:12 am
From: "Denis F. Oliver"  

"MsMargaret" <MsMargaret@scon...> wrote in message
> *Ladies and SCONY members: $15.00
> ...SNIP...
> *Single Men:  $55.00

    -    As a matter of principle, I would never attend a SCONY event as
long as SCONY discriminates against men in its admission fees.


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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:47 pm
From: "Loki_Darksong@yaho..."  

Actually, Denis, I have been to her parties and they are great.
Granted the price difference is a bother, but how else would you pay
for the space being rented? If you have a solution that could help
bring the price down, I am quite certain that Margeret would be
willing to hear it.


TOPIC: REPOST: Hidden Heroes #3.2, Rules, Rules (REJUVE)

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 2:17 am
From: "Denis F. Oliver"  

"Tony Elka" <shadowlane@shad...> wrote in message
> Like denis and Jennifer, she is best killfiled or ignored.
> Seconded.

    -    Like larry, you are too stupid to realize that it isn't "best" to
killfile me or ignore me, Tony.


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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 12:14 am

Crimson Kid,

    Don't take the blame for her reactions. I think I did see that you'd
suggested that she read Hidden Heroes, and I definitely appreciated that
when I saw it. I worked very hard on this series and will continue to do so
as soon as my sleep patterns begin making sense again (I've been having some
health problems that have been keeping me up at night).

    Clearly this is just a jealousy issue then. I'm glad that you like the
charactarizations in Hidden Heroes -- I've always considered
charactarizations one of my weak points, and that is definitely something
I'm going to be working on both with the new series and as I continue HH,
although, looking back, Karin, Sonya and Shawn are all good characters



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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:21 pm
From: zprymantis  

On 2007-02-07 15:45:58 -0500, BOTNGB's said:

> Greg

Well - I read it, and I should flame you most dreadfully!   :)   I not
only enjoyed the story, I enjoyed all the pre-warnings and the anxiety
I knew you felt before posting it the first time.  I am glad you
reposted it.  I am always fascinated by stories like this that are
written in this style that have that raw "real feeling" edge to them.  
You have a knack for making your stories sound true, so I can imagine
why posting it the first time caused some concern.

I remember one time reading a magazine in a doctors office  (when I was
around 14)  that contained a "real" account of a kidnapping, rape and
beating by two boys against one other boy - and I read that account
with the same lusty need to take it all in, the same way I read stories
like this one now.  It usually leaves me feeling a bit disgusted with
myself - of course, I read them anyway!  :)


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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:10 pm
From: "GrumpyOldPapa"  

On Feb 7, 12:45�pm, Barrister <Barris...@Assv...> wrote:

>>> This is from November, 1996. �Something in one of Grace's stories made me think  of it. �I don't think it's ever been reposted. �I've left the original intros  intact. �Please read the warning carefully.<<<

I remember the story. In 1996 it was further into the dark side than I
wanted to go, but I had to read it then and re-read it now.  But it is
all to real for far too many children.


TOPIC: Lose Weight in 1 Week

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 6:40 am
From: "Ralph Chin"  

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TOPIC: A question for Grace...and others

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 3:47 am
From: "Professor_V"  

Well from the tone, it is clear you are looking to alienate yet another
member of this forum.  Good job, Denis. Mission accomplished.

Hmmm.... your science must be Dubyah Science.

What an idiotic answer!  M= adult male  m = male child
Uhhh....both are male. If it is unnatural for males to be submissive to
other males then explain animal pack behavior and alpha males in packs to

Also let me know how you fair if you tell your boss (male or female)
"Screw you, I'm not doing what you tell me." Or is following the
appropriate directives of a boss also "unnatural" in your concept of the
natural world?

"Denis F. Oliver" <denis_f_oliver@shaw...> wrote in news:sssbot-

> "Professor_V" <professor_v@cox....> wrote in message
> news:Xns98D0C7D9F33B8ProfessorV@
>> Why are there almost no references to M/m spanking in your stories?
>     -    It's unnatural for males to be submissive to anyone, males or
> females.  So, why would anyone write a story about such unnaturalness?
> Denis

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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 8:33 pm
From: Tony Elka  

In article <Xns98D0E7CD68FA4ProfessorV@>,
"Professor_V" <professor_v@cox....> wrote:

> Well from the tone, it is clear you are looking to alienate yet another
> member of this forum.  Good job, Denis. Mission accomplished.
> Hmmm.... your science must be Dubyah Science.
> What an idiotic answer!  M= adult male  m = male child
> Uhhh....both are male. If it is unnatural for males to be submissive to
> other males then explain animal pack behavior and alpha males in packs to
> me.
> Also let me know how you fair if you tell your boss (male or female)
> "Screw you, I'm not doing what you tell me." Or is following the
> appropriate directives of a boss also "unnatural" in your concept of the
> natural world?

Dear Professor_V,

When you reply to the postings of Denis and others like him, you are
feeding their egos and vanity.   There will be no substantive debate or
exchange of ideas.

Proceed as you see fit.  It has been my choice to kill-file such people.


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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:15 pm
From: "CrimsnKid6"  

Professor V addressing a question on gender preference:

> While gender actually has little influence on my appreciation of your
> tales (I enjoy all gender pairings), I find that although I am
> heterosexual, stories of M/m spanking appeals a great deal to me because of
> the reality of my experience with corporal punishment as a boy.

> P.S.  I would be curious to hear from other men on the board who do not
> enjoy M/m spanking stories. I would be curious to know if they were spanked
> by men as boys. And if gender pairing is the most important factor in their
> enjoyment of spanking stories? And if they can explain why they do not
> enjoy M/m stories.

   Well, I might enjoy the occasional M/m spanking story if it had
other elements I found interesting or entertaining, but I don't find
that kind of story erotically appealing.
   As a child I was spanked (but pretty infrequently) by both of my
parents, as were my siblings, but I never eroticized those
punishments. The experience I first remember eroticizing was brief
reciprocal bare-bottom spanking play with a girl my own quite young
age, which undoubtedly influenced my preference for stories and
fantasies with feminine spankers--IIRC she did most of the spanking or
at least was more proficient at it.

   Gender combination is therefore pretty important to me RE spanking-
oriented reading, but I do read M/F and M/f stories if they have
interesting aspects and, as I stated before, even an occasional M/m
story. Obviously, though, most of my *kinky* reading (and writing) is
F/M, F/m, F/b, F/F, F/f, F/g , etc. in nature.
   I hope this helps you, although of course it's just one person's

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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:27 pm
From: "GrumpyOldPapa"  

On Feb 7, 4:38?pm, "Professor_V" <professo...@cox....> wrote:
> Grace,

>>> P.S.  I would be curious to hear from other men on the board who do not enjoy M/m spanking stories. I would be curious to know if they were spanked by men as boys. And if gender pairing is the most important factor in their
enjoyment of spanking stories? And if they can explain why they do not
enjoy M/m stories. <<<

I am not sure that your premise is entirely valid. We have had a fair
number of M/m spanking stories on the group, most of the "British
Schoolboy" type stories are M/m - and YLee has had a number of
excellent M/m and m/m stories posted.  Having said that, there are
very few M/M  (adult gay male) spanking stories posted here.

My own preference is for M/F, M/f or m/f,  although I have done other
types of stories.  But it has nothing to do with punishment as a
child.  I was rarely spanked as a child and my last spanking was at
about age 10 and I don't recall one for two years before that.   On
the other hand, I began m/f spanking at age 8 and have continued with
m/f and M/F spanking for some 55 years after that.  It is just the way
my brain is wired.  I do read F/Ff  and F/Mm stuff as well but as  a
heterosexual and a dominant (small 'd") type person, I find M/F or M/
f  or m/f to be more "natural" to my mindset.


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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 1:17 am

Professor V,

    Crimson Kid and I only recently discussed the fact that in my Hidden
Heroes series, I'm missing very few possible spanking combos (M/M being the
only one that I can think of off the top of my head). I'm currently in the
process of reposting these stories, and they do include several M/m

    Personally for me, however, being a (lifestyle) submissive female, I am
far more interested in M/F, M/f, F/F and F/f stories simply because I am a
very traditional thinker in terms of a woman's submission to a man. And, for
the record, this is coming form a woman with a very dominant mindset towards
everyday life and one who will easily take control if allowed to do so,
particularly with other women or men I consider "weaker" than I am for
whatever reason (these are few and far between).

    This is not to say that I don't enjoy writing the M/m types of stories.
It is just much more difficult for me to get into the minds of both
characters in these types of scenarios and therefore I avoid them as a
writer. The better I know the character and their feelings in a given
situation, the better I am able to write the story. Since I simply do not
identify with male children at all (though I've role played enough male
teens and adults to get by with them), I don't tend to write these stories.

    Also, I will admit that I find my own spanking writings at least in some
sense erotic (for the most part) because I personally put myself in the
shoes of one character or another in my stories. If both characters are
male, it is a good deal more difficult for me to do so, as a woman.

    Hope that goes some distance to answering your question. If you're
looking for some M/m action and don't mind rejuve fiction, check out Hidden
Heroes. Though there isn't a lot of M/m action yet, it does come into the
plot later on.


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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 11:40 pm
From: "Dr. Grace"  

Hi Prof. V:

Cross-gender spankings (M/f and F/m) are a big charge for me because
of the heterosexual arousal implicit in the sex act that is corporal

The F/f stories involve my own personal issues, since the only truly
abusive spankings I ever got were from my grandmother and mother. I
occasionally write stories with lesbian characters, because I think I
can relate.

But I don't get any charge out of M/m stories. I don't usually read
them and don't feel compelled to write them. I don't really have much
to say about M/m spankings.

Hope this makes sense.

Warm regards,

On Feb 7, 4:38 pm, "Professor_V" <professo...@cox....> wrote:
> Grace,
>    Having now read a great many of your stories that still exist on this
> newsgroup, I do have this question for you:  Why are there almost no
> references to M/m spanking in your stories?
>    I know that many spankos have gender preferences when it comes to their
> fetish with these preferences clearly often related to their personal
> sexual orientation. However, given that boys are often/were often spanked
> by fathers, coaches, teachers, uncles, grandfathers, etc., do you
> purposefully avoid such scenarios because they do not appeal to you or have
> no relevance to you or for some other reason?
>     While gender actually has little influence on my appreciation of your
> tales (I enjoy all gender pairings), I find that although I am
> heterosexual, stories of M/m spanking appeals a great deal to me because of
> the reality of my experience with corporal punishment as a boy.
> Professor V.
> P.S.  I would be curious to hear from other men on the board who do not
> enjoy M/m spanking stories. I would be curious to know if they were spanked
> by men as boys. And if gender pairing is the most important factor in their
> enjoyment of spanking stories? And if they can explain why they do not
> enjoy M/m stories.

TOPIC: A Taste of Leather

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 2:36 am
From: "Denis F. Oliver"  

    Good story, Alex.  However, there is a glaring inconsistency to your
description of the slipper.  You state "...Neil gripped the stiff yet
pliable implement...".  A pliable thing is "bending easily; supple" and
"yielding, compliant" (The Oxford Dictionary Of Current English, 1996).
Obviously, something cannot be both "...stiff yet pliable...".

    Other than that, it was a good story.


"AlexB" <bernaise38@yaho...> wrote in message
>  by Alex B.
>  Mandy Evans scanned the entire back wall of the shoe store,
>  which happened to be the men's section. Kneeling down, she ran
>  a finger across the edge of each box until one caught her fancy.
>  Inside was a pair of sleek, black leather slippers. She reached
>  into the box, wrapped her fingers around the right one and
>  slowly pulled it out. She bent the slipper over testing its
> flexibility
>  then slapped it loudly across the palm of her left hand.
>  The sound startled a few of the other customers slightly.
>  Not bothered by the attention, Mandy slapped the sole against
>  her palm again and again. She then ran the slipper beneath
>  her nose, deeply inhaling the rich, heady leather aroma.
>  Mrs. Evans brought the box to the front counter. A young man
>  in a bow tie who was manning the register looked down at
>  the slippers. A confused look came across on his face.
>  "Are you sure these are the right size?" he asked.
>  "Doesn't matter." Mandy said, handing the clerk her credit card.
>  "I'm not going to be wearing them."
>  "Oh, so it's a gift for a man."
>  "Well, it may be his gift." she said with a wry smirk.
>  "But I'm the one who's going to get it!"
>  Still a bit befuddled by the woman's words, the sales clerk
>  finished the transaction and put the box in a bag.
>  "Here you go."
>  Mandy opened the lid, removed the left slipper and handed it to
>  the man.
>  "You can keep this one or throw it away. We won't be using it."
>  She then turned and headed out of the store.
>  "Um... okay. Have a nice day." he replied, waving the unwanted
>  slipper as he spoke.
>  "Thanks, you too." Mandy replied politely as she stepped out
>  the door.
>  An older woman who'd heard the entire exchange approached the
>  counter with her purchase. She noticed the perplexed look on
>  the clerk's face.
>  "Slippers have more than one use." she said with a slightly
>  wistful smile.
>  As she made her way through the mall, Mandy was also smiling
>  but the grin on her face was due to eager anticipation.
>  She would soon be facing the music- a sound spanking with
>  a well chosen instrument across the knee of her loving
>  husband, Neil. And this would be no ordinary sexual appetizer,
>  this was his birthday. The light bottom smacking sessions
>  she normally allowed Neil to administer often made Mandy feel
>  flirtatious, even a bit horny and usually resulted in her
>  pleasuring him with her hand or mouth. But on those rare,
>  special occasions when Neil was given the green light to
>  redden her bottom with a full-fledged walloping, she was
>  invariably brought to a state of uncontrollable carnal desire.
>  Neil arrived home at five-thirty to find a package stylishly
>  wrapped in colored paper on the table in the foyer. He picked
>  it up and headed into the living room where he discovered his
>  wife clad in footy drop-seat long johns kneeling beside the
>  coffee table with her head bowed.
>  "Happy birthday." she said, her eyes cast downward.
>  "Thank you, my love." Neil replied. He pursed his lips and
>  smacked them together so as to send a kiss through midair.
>  Mandy bowed her head further to hide a sudden blush.
>  Removing the bow, he tore at the paper which fell to
>  the floor. He lifted the lid from the box, tossed it
>  aside as well then gazed upon the object inside.
>  "It's perfect." Neil whispered. "Just the thing."
>  "Still..." Mandy relied, glancing up coyly. "You might want
>  to give it a test drive."
>  In need of no further invitation, Neil walked to the couch,
>  seated himself, grabbed Mandy by the arm and tugged her across
>  his lap. He easily undid the oversized buttons on the backside
>  of her long cotton underwear. Mandy felt a cool breeze caress
>  the round, pale globes of her ass as the flap was lowered.
>  The slipper flew into the air and came crashing down with a
>  thundering thwap across Mandy's unprotected bottom. She gasped
>  at the severity of the first blow. The next dozen swats brought
>  some yelps and grunts, but it was only an overture to what
>  would follow. Neil soon delivered a rapid volley of spanks that
>  left Mandy wide-eyed and breathless. Resounding smacks echoed
>  throughout the house. Mandy's tears trickled downward and her
>  feet flew through the air as Neil gripped the stiff yet pliable
>  implement tightly in hand and laid one burning leather kiss
>  after another across his sweetheart's hot, flinching buttocks.
>  Neil continued slippering his wife's tender bottom until it was
>  red, raw and swollen. Finally, after she'd nearly lost her voice
>  from crying and was too exhausted to wiggle or kick, he gave
>  each of Mandy's cheeks one last stinging slap before tossing
>  the slipper aside and releasing her from his iron grip.
>  Neil guided Mandy to her feet only to push her away as he
>  removed his shirt.
>  "I want you naked... now!" he commanded.
>  Mandy practically leaped out of those long johns and within
>  seconds Neil was pulling her to his chest and placing his mouth
>  roughly onto hers. Their lips meshed and slid against each other
>  as Mandy's nails scraped their way down Neil's back. Unable to
>  withstand another moment of torment, he placed his hands firmly
>  on Mandy's shoulders, spun her around and bent her forward.
>  Mandy gripped her shins and lifted her ass on high, presenting
>  herself for penetration.
>  As Neil stepped back to remove his pants and underwear, his wife
>  craned her neck to watch.
>  "Now I'm really going to get it, aren't I?" she panted.
>  "What do your eyes tell you?" Neil grunted, giving his thick
>  hardened cock a squeeze.
>  Mandy felt her husband's powerful hands steadying her quivering
>  hips as she glanced down at the black leather slipper laying on
>  its side near the couch.
>  "Can I pick a gift or what?!" she thought.

TOPIC: A Sign Of Spring

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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 8:58 pm
From: "GrumpyOldPapa"  

On Feb 7, 4:36�pm, Wooz <Wooz_mem...@news...> wrote:
> GrumpyOldPapa says...
> >On Feb 5, 1:10?pm, <s...@age-...> wrote:
> >> Excuse me if I'm being dense, but what is the purpose of this? Just to
> >> excercise the ability to make the change in the first place?
> >The stated purpose is to conserve energy by pushing more activities
> >into evening hours. �It is alleged by people who do the maths on this
> >sort of thing that Daylight Savings time results in lower electricity
> >consumption. �Don't ask me the exact mechanism, i am a biologist not a
> >maths stics type.
> Oh Papacock. DST was designed by and for wealty golfers wanting their daughters
> home by curfew rather than nastily luxuriaing in passion pits. Ran those
> drive-in theatres right into legendary obscurity as the aformentioned golfers
> denied their progeny the ease of entry they themselves so enjoyed. Bastards.
> Yes, and while getting in 18 holes after work as well. Perfect setup. The dukes,
> counts and barons continue to rule, just as it always was, just as it always
> will be.
> Talking heads told me so. �;c)

Hey old man, you need to cut back on the Geritol or cancel your Daily
Worker subscription.

(who hates golf but likes DST)

TOPIC: REPOST: Hidden Heroes #3.3 (REJUVE)

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Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 12:16 am

This story is set in Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe. The story takes place
on December 23rd, 2812. There have been a few changes since Lurking Dragon's
Melody series took place, some for the sake of character developement, some
for the sake of plot developement. I've tried to stay true to the original

This is part three of four. The entire story reached nearly 90k, so I've
to break it down so that each section is less than 30k in length.

I hope you'll enjoy!

This story and it's characters are copyright Storm
(storm@age-...) 2002. The Universe in which it is set is
copyright Lurking Dragon.

Once again, just a new note on an older story. I haven't proofread this
since the original posting, nor is this an edited copy. Hopefully the next
part of Aunt Margaret will be a bit better than these older stories, and my
style has changed some in the meantime.

To all of you, I hope you enjoy!



Karin was dumbstruck. She stood, her body rigid, on the chair, staring at
the squalling intercomm unit, the red lights flashing everywhere, the sound
deafening in her ears. Behind her, Spencer was laughing cruelly, but Karin
could hardly hear him over the squeals of the alarm and the pounding of her
own heart. Now she was in trouble for sure. If Sonya didn't already hate her
simply because she was a cruel murderess, she would hate her now. The
beginnings of tears found their way to Karin's eyes and blossomed over the
lids, spilling down over her flushed cheeks and soaking the collar of her
little dress.

Karin didn't dare move. She knew that Mommy would arrive soon, probably with
that horrible wooden spoon or a strap in her hand, and then it would be all
over. She knew that now, no matter what happened, she couldn't talk to her
parents. They wouldn't believe anything she said when she'd done something
so naughty. They would know, as she now did, that she was nothing but a
horrible, bad penitatas. The tears began to fall faster, as her soft cries
turned to sobs.

But Sonya didn't come, not for a long time. Eventually the alarm stopped,
and with it Spencer's laughter ceased. He knew, too, that Sonya should have
arrived by now. Five minutes passed, and then ten. Neither penny knew what
was going on downstairs, only that Sonya hadn't arrived yet. Was she letting
them stew, wait before she would spank Karin? Spencer was eager to see his
new little sister get her bottom blistered from Mommy. Heaven knew that he'd
had enough spankings at her hand himself. It would be a real pleasure to
watch that baby bottom squirming under Sonya's administrations. But she
didn't come.

After ten minutes, there was nothing but silence in the room. Even Karin's
sobs had reduced to tears. She frequently wiped her streaming nose on the
back of her hand. Spencer stood, dumbstruck, wondering why his mother hadn't
answered the alarm as soon as it had sounded. He'd never tried such a stunt
before, had known that the punishment would be brutal. He'd been told, in
the beginning, of course. That had only been because he'd asked. Karin
hadn't asked, and Spencer knew she'd not been told. The smile that had once
played on his young mouth was gone now, as he stared at the door, waiting to
see the angry visage his mother would present.

Then she was there, standing in the doorway and robed in the light from the
landing, in one hand the horrible strap, the other the aweful wooden spoon.
Tucked into her back pocket was a small switch that she'd saved from
Christmas the year before, nearly worn out. Karin didn't look at her, her
eyes still fixed on the little box on the wall, but Spencer's blue orbs went
wide as he stared at the image their mother presented. "H-hullo Mummy."

If Karin hadn't been frozen already, her body would have gone rigid. She
didn't move her head, didn't turn to look at Sonya, but her eyes dropped so
that she was looking down as far as she could without letting her head fall

Sonya approached the little girl and gave her covered thigh a hard smack.
"Get down off that chair, little girl, and come over to the bed. It seems
that you and I need to have a very long, serious talk about rules. I'm going
to make it quite clear that you are never again to touch the intercomm
units. Ever."

Karin was deliberately slow in getting down from the chair. She could hear
in the tone of Sonya's voice that her mommy was very upset with her, and
that nearly broke her heart. Of everything that she had done, and everything
she knew she'd done wrong in her entire lifetime, she knew that upsetting
her already stressed mother was horrible. It paled in comparison with her
crime, of course, but she'd known that it was her duty as Sonya's daughter
to be on her best behaviour, and to try to make the woman proud to call
herself Karin's mother.

Sonya noticed the deliberate calm that Karin showed as she moved from the
bed towards where the woman waited, spoon in hand. She'd laid the switch
aside on the night stand where it could be used later. She hated to bring it
into use only two days before Christmas, but she saw there being no other
choice. Her children needed to learn a very serious lesson.

For Sonya, Christmas was still a time for togetherness, in spite of it being
a special punishment day for her rejuves. Her children would learn, the hard
way if necessary, that it was important to get along. They were a family,
and would remain that way. If the Board of Corrections had been correct in
their prognosis, the family would be together for Karin's first three
cycles. Spencer only had one more to go, as a soft-timer, and the Ellsburgs
had been announced as his soft-time parents as well. No doubt they would be
a family for some time to come, and Sonya knew the importance of getting

That was a lesson for later, however, a lesson that Spencer would learn.
Sonya had listened to the tapes, knew that Karin had been persuaded into
pressing the button on the intercomm unit that would trip the alarm. Karin
hadn't known better, but she would find out, the hard way, in only a moment.
Spencer's discipline would come later, after Karin was fully aware of the
concequences of action and misaction in the Ellsburg home.

These lessons needed to be learned, of course. Aunt Margaret would be coming
to visit tomorrow, and then things would begin to become interesting.
Margaret had her own standards to which she kept young rejuves, penitatas,
medicalos, and voluntaras alike, and Sonya was concerned that her own
children would be learning quite quickly what that meant. She didn't want to
force them to suffer any more than they needed to, but she was also
painfully aware that Margaret would make her prescence known however
necessary. Karin and Spencer would learn to behave quickly while Sonya's
elder sister was near.

The woman had noticed the rejuve's deliberate slowness, but the child
finally arrived, standing, head down, before her red-faced mother, her lower
lip trembling even as the tears continued to soak the collar of her little
dress. There seemed to be something particularly interesting about Karin's
shoes, because the little girl couldn't seem to even glance up to meet
Sonya's eyes.

The mother wasted no time, slowly raising Karin's skirt and pulling her
little panties down to her ankles before lifting her up and over her lap. To
the surprise of both rejuves, Spencer was being allowed to watch, and a
small, wry grin crept over his lips until Sonya glanced up at him with a
warning look. The smile faded in recognition as he slowly crept backwards
until he bumped against the wall and lowered himself slowly into a sitting
position, resting on the floor to watch the proceedings.

"Karin, what did you do to wind up in this position, young lady?" Sonya
asked as she once again picked up the wooden spoon, an impliment used almost
entirely for earned spankings, as Karin would soon discover.

"Uh-uh-I tuh-tur-turned off the uh-intercuh-comm unit, Muh-Momma," Karin
stammered, finding her voice from where she wasn't sure. "Uh-and uh-I'm a
bad puh-penny."

The last struck Sonya as an addition, but she'd never expected what she
heard next. "Uh-I shoulda know-known buh-better, Muh-Mommy," the little
rejuve stammered. "Yuh-you trusted uh-us an' I disoh-disobeyed yuh-you."
Sonya hadn't expected quite such a profound response. Rarely did a penny
really understand, until after the spanking at least, why they had earned
one of the dreaded earned spankings. Now, however, Sonya was sure that Karin
had known what she was doing before she'd done it. That did not, however,
excuse Spencer's deliberate manipulation of his sister in order to receive
the opportunity to get her into trouble.

"That's right, Karin," Sonya said after a moment, letting the child's words
sink into her own mind as she raised the spoon high. There would be no
warm-up. There rarely were for penitatas, but Sonya was always careful not
to warm up before an earned spanking. That seemed to defeat the purpose. No,
this spanking would be entirely felt, and if Karin learned nothing else from
the experience, she would know that trusting her brother wasn't always the
most intelligent way to go.

The spoon cracked down on Karin's tiny, quivering bottomcheeks, leaving a
bright red mark on her left globe, and the little girl gave out a squeal of
pain. Sonya immediately left a twin mark on the right cheek before setting
to work properly, her left arm pinning Karin down effectively over her firm
thighs, ensuring that there was no escape for the naughty little penitatas.
She would make sure that Karin didn't enjoy this experience, determined that
the misactions of the day would not be repeated by either penny in the
future, whatever the reason.

Karin could somehow sense Sonya's resolve. The begging was in her heart, the
pleas on her lips, but they never made it further, the silence punctuated
only by the hard smacking sounds as they fell on Karin's little bottom and
the cries that emanated from her lips. Then the lecture began.

"If I ever find that you've done anything so foolhearty again, Karin Nicole
Ellsburg, I swear to you you'll wish it was Christmas! Those intercomms are
on for a reason, young lady! How would I know if there was an emergency if
it was turned off? I will not have you risking your own safety or health. It
is my job as your mother to keep you from harm. It is also, as you have no
doubt noticed, my job to punish you!"

With that the lecture ended, and left Karin sobbing over Sonya's lap. The
reminder of Christmas and the terrors that would come that day added to the
growing, sinking feeling in Karin's belly, and she felt as though her heart
might break. Whatever the reason, she felt, somewhere deep inside of her,
that Sonya and Shawn would no longer want to look after her if she kept
making such stupid mistakes. Of course it was lost on her at that moment
that penitatas parents generally enjoy spanking their children, and of
course the more opportunity the better. It wasn't the spanking itself, but
the disappointment in Sonya's voice as she lectured, the way that she seemed
to punctuate her feelings with the spoon until Karin's bottom was beyond red
and sore, that made the little rejuve's heart break. Every inch of her
bottom felt as though an inferno had been lit there before Sonya finally let
up, and then only to reach for the strap. The break was only small, but
Karin managed to catch a lungful of air. The pain was something, of course,
but what pained Karin more was Sonya's tone, her anger, the disappointment.
No parent could enjoy spanking when they were so angry, no matter how much
they might enjoy the regular 'just because' spankings.

Then the strap fell in the stead of the spoon, landing a stripe of fire
right across the fullest part of Karin's bottomcheeks, making her squeal in
pain and alarm. She hadn't seen the strap, hadn't raised her eyes long
enough to see which implements of her torture Sonya had brought with her,
but whatever was left of the little rejuve's resistance died with that first
stinging stripe. The sobbing child lay, exhausted, over the maternal lap to
receive the last of her six strap-strokes before Sonya finally stopped and
laid the strap aside.

It was a long time before the woman spoke, gaining her composure slowly.
Karin's bottom was now a mottled red before her, burning and glowing faintly
in the dim lighting of the room. Her left hand still pressed the sobbing
little girl down over her lap, and finally she moved it, giving Karin the
freedom to stand. The little rejuve only stayed over her lap, however,
sobbing out her sorrow and pain. "Get up, Karin Nicole, and go to your room.
I will see to you in time for lunch."

What that meant ultimately, Karin didn't know, but she quickly slid from
Sonya's lap and, showing a great deal of careful restraint, moved towards
her room without rubbing her tenderized, reddened bottom. It would be some
time before the little girl recovered from the experience.

Sonya breathed deeply for several moments before she raised her eyes and met
with Spencer's gaze. His expression was one of self-satisfaction, but as
their eyes locked, it changed, evidence of his own fear for his hide
emerging. "Spencer Aaron Ellsburg, come here."

Slowly, keeping his eyes fixed on the steely blue of his guardian, the seven
year-old pushed himself up to his feet and began the slow trek to where she
waited, a stern expression on her face. He knew immediately that he was in
trouble. He'd received rather a large number of earned spankings in his time
as the Ellsburg's son. He'd done a lot of stupid things, a lot of naughty
things. The worst had been when he'd cut school and come home to find a
stack of switches waiting for him. But there was now a switch waiting on the
bedside table, and it hadn't been used on Karin's bottom. Sonya must have
heard what he'd said to his new little sister, or he knew that he wouldn't
be in this position now. He wouldn't be facing that switch there, on the

"Spencer Aaron Ellsburg, I have never been so ashamed of you in my entire
life!" Sonya snapped as she reached out to the stalling child and pulled him
the last few inches to stand at her side. "You deliberately manipulated your
sister so that she'd get a spanking -- one that she deserved, I should say,
but one which she wouldn't have earned without your help. Hopefully in all
this she has learned that she can't trust you, Spencer. I have to say that's
certainly what I've learned!"

Spencer's jaw dropped open. He wasn't sure why it was that he was so quickly
upset by what Sonya was saying. He'd spent a whole year now ignoring the
displeasure of his parents and trying to focus on his own needs. He'd
ignored them, avoided them, and been plain snobbish to them, but so far it
hadn't worked. He was still here, with the same Ellsburgs that had written
the book on psychology he'd read in his senior year of high school. The
class that had nearly made him fail, psychology had certainly been one of
his more difficult, of not extraordinarily interesting, subjects. It had
been because of that class that he'd sliced into the school's computers, and
becuase of that crime that he stood here, now, about to be spanked yet

"Listen, Mummy, I didn't mean...."

"I know exactly what you meant to do, young man," Sonya said as her hands
reached for the buckle of Spencer's little belt and slipped it open with
deft fingers. "I heard the entire thing on the tape, Mister. You threatened
her. You said that you'd slice into the government's computers to make sure
that next Christmas is even more miserable for her than this Christmas. I'm
going to make sure that you know exactly what's going to happen here at home
if I ever find out that you've done anything so heinous. And you can count
on a trip to penitatas court as well if you do. The computer is off-limits
to you, Spencer Aaron, you know that."

"Y-yes, Mummy, I know that, and I wouldn't have..."

"I don't care what you would or would not have done," Sonya snapped as she
continued to lower Spencer's jeans to his ankles, then bent to untie his
shoes so that the jeans could come all the way off.

Spencer gulped. Jeans off was a bad sign, and he knew why his shoes were
going. He stood passively, resisting the urge to push her away. This was
already going to be bad enough, and Christmas was, after all, only two days
away. Last Christmas had been the worst of the lot, and so far he'd been so
bad the past year that he knew it wasn't going to get better this year, for

"Listen, Mummy, this isn't really necessary. See, she didn't have to do what
I told her to.... It was her fault, really, and if she'd just left me
alone...." He gulped again. It sounded pretty pathetic even to him. But the
last thing he needed was some little pipsqueak hanging around him and
breaking his things! "She was... she was touching my model of the Santicas!
She would have broken it, the clumsy little git!"

Sonya sighed as she slipped Spencer's shoes from his feet and began tugging
his jeans the rest of the way down. It had always been this way with him. He
made her so angry sometimes! He pushed every button that the woman had until
she had no choice but to make sure that his sitting time over the next few
hours would be excrutiating. Yet somewhere in her heart she felt sorry for
the lad. After all, he'd been a kindern when the crime had been committed.
And then his parents had decided that they wanted nothing to do with him
after the first two weeks of his first cycle. Once was enough, they said.
Problem child, he'd been labelled. Sonya wouldn't have believed it until
she'd taken over his care. He'd been through three homes already, including
his biological parents, and Shawn and Sonya were certainly determined not to
give up. Yet it seemed at times as though there was no other choice. Perhaps
he would be better suited to another family. Again the woman sighed.

"Lift," she grunted, slipping the jeans off the boy's feet when he obeyed.
"Whatever you were thinking, young man, you knew you were using scare
tactics on her. I don't care what she was about to do, she has enough on her
mind and on her plate without you winding her up and scaring the dickens out
of her."

"Yeah? I got a lot on my plate too!" Spencer snapped suddenly, stomping his
right foot down on the floor noisily. "But nobody ever listens to me!
Everything's about Karin Nicole since she got here, the little twerp! What
about me?"

"It is just like you to be so selfish!" Sonya snapped as her fingers slipped
into the waistband of the rejuve's briefs, hoisting them down to his ankles
and then off when he lifted his feet without being asked. "Do you remember
what it was like for you when you were first rejuved!?" There was more on
Sonya's mind, but she didn't mention it. It had been difficult trying to
bond with Spencer, and Shawn had long since given up, leaving most of his
spankings and his bathtimes to Sonya. The rejuve constantly pushed them
away, refusing post-punishment comfort and lashing out at them at any sign
that they were trying to help him.

"Now, you are going to be spanked for manipulating Karin into doing
something that you knew would get her into trouble. She's learned the rule
the hard way, you were far luckier in your first few weeks. And later on I
expect you to apologize to her and tell her that you've been punished for
what you did. And you are most specifically to tell her that you will most
certainly not be slicing into government computers in order to make changes
to her prescribed punishments! Do you understand me, young man?"

Spencer had always been a challenge, unresponsive, sometimes even
frightening for both parents. He'd been violent on several occasions, and
Sonya had once called the Board of Corrections in order to obtain more
information about him in the hopes of being able to help. For more than
twenty cycles they'd done nothing but study penitatas psychology, but
Spencer had always thrown them, no matter what research they studied.

Now, Spencer surprised Sonya. He did something that he hadn't done in the
entire time that he'd been in their care. He began to weep. Oh, she'd seen
him cry before, mostly crocodile tears in an attempt to get out of a
well-earned spanking, or one of his more usual, pentitas spankings. But now,
he was weeping. Silent tears rolling down his rosy cheeks, a hurt, worried
expression in his eyes. She struggled to ignore it, reminding herself that
he'd become increasingly manipulative in an attempt to escape his most
well-deserved spankings. "Get your paddle," Sonya instructed sharply,
keeping as much of her cool as she could.

Karin hadn't noticed the large, heavy paddle that hung from the back of the
door. It had the words 'Spencer's Spanker' on the back surface that pointed
out towards the room, and now, as Spencer went to fetch the paddle, which
hung at his own height, Sonya watched his reactions carefully. No argument.
That was a new one, but she'd figure out the trick before long. He'd try to
stop her when she went to put him across her lap, or something similar. "And
I should add, young man, that this switch is for your naughty little bottom.
It should serve as a reminder of just how hellish Christmas is for a
penitatas, and how little you'd like it if your Christmas switchings were
doubled -- which they will be if you try to do something like you threatened
Karin. A good reminder is in order, I think."

The expression on Spencer's face when he turned back, carrying the heavy
wooden spanker with him startled Sonya. She looked closer, the tears
glistening in his eyes. She'd known some very good actors in her time as a
penitatas psychologist. It was through her own research and study that she
could tell the difference between false tears and those that were genuine.
Now, if she wasn't mistaken, these tears were real. She felt taken aback.

Sonya was still regaining her composure when Spencer draped himself
uncomfortably over her lap. Automatically she reached down to adjust his
position so that his bottom was higher and his head lower, finally sliding
him over her left leg and locking his legs down with her right. Her left
hand reached for his right wrist, which he'd already moved voluntarily to
the small of his back for her. She began to wonder if he wasn't challenging
her, but the tears told her otherwise. She lifted the paddle, staring at it.
This was going to be interesting.

"Muh-Mummy?" Here it comes, Sonya braced herself. "I... I know I deserve
this one.... Puh-please.... I'll tell Karin I'm... suh-sorry."

"That you will, young man. And I think that so that you can understand her
situation better, you'll be receiving the same punishments as her for the
next week. That means that you will be getting at least four spankings a
day -- one at each mealtime and one before bed. If you're lucky, that is,
I'm sure that Daddy wouldn't mind helping me to tan your hide when he's
available. That would make eight spankings. Do you understand your

The little body slumped over her thighs, but Sonya remained tense, waiting
for the resistance. "I.... Uh-I uh-uh-under-stuh-stand."

"Good. Then we can begin. I'm going to make sure that you're really crying
before this spanking is over," Sonya added as she raised the paddle up to
her shoulder height and brought it down with one loud, resounding smack
against the child's upturned, pink bottom. He jumped and gave a small cry,
but didn't plead with her. "I think a good five minutes of hard paddling,
and six of the best with your little switch there, don't you think?" she
asked as the paddle snapped down again, iliciting another cry and making the
little rejuve squirm as much as he could over Sonya's lap.

>From there the woman found her pace, smacking the hairbrush down with only

seconds of pause between each spank. Her eyes glanced towards the clock on
the nightstand to determine that she was gauging the time against his
reactions as the paddle fell with brutal force that would, no doubt, teach
the boy a very serious lesson.

It was a long time before Spencer made any sound except for the cries and
grunts the spanking drew from him. Then, finally, words that shocked Sonya
into stillness, the paddle pausing in it's rapid-fire descent.
"Muh-Muh-Mummy, Uh-I'm sor-sorry! Puh-lease! I wuh-won't do uh-it 'gain!"

"Wh-what did you say?" Sonya stammered, surprised. Spencer begged, often,
but he'd never, once, in all the time that he'd lived with the Ellsburgs,
apologized, even under the paddle.

Deep sobs were the only answer that Sonya received, and she glanced towards
the clock. Twenty seconds. She delivered the last twenty-second's worth of
spanks with a rapid-fire motion, ensuring that her son certainly wouldn't be
sitting down for the rest of the day, and that, without the aid of
nano-lotion, he wouldn't be sitting at all tomorrow either.

Now the woman didn't know what to do. There was a sobbing child across her
lap who professed to be sorry, but who would never allow the post-punishment
comfort that she'd always longed to give. Sighing, taking slow, even breaths
to keep her composure, Sonya set the paddle down next to her on the bed and
reached for the little switch on the bedside table, feeling it in her hand.
It had been well-preserved, she noted. No crumbling, as would have been
expected only a couple of centuries ago. The switch was still beautifully
supple. That would be good, she noted.

"Now six with this nasty little switch, Spencer, and then you can spend the
next half-hour sitting on your cornerstool and thinking about why it is that
you've gotten this punishment. And while you're there, you can think about
how generous I'm being in not making you wait there for an entire hour --
but lunchtime is coming, and it seems I have two naughty little bottoms to
tan before this meal today."

The little body tensed over Sonya's lap, and she knew that the rejuve was
ready. He'd been remarkably quiet, without his usual forceful struggling or
his tendancy to scream obscentities during his spankings. She knew beyond a
shadow of a doubt that Spencer could never keep his composure during a
spanking, and that his real motives would always come through. Whatever
she'd said to him, something in him had broken that day.

Sonya found that she no longer wanted to administer the switching. Spencer's
demeanor was breaking her heart, and she doubted that even with the current
improvements, he would allow her to hold him later. No, there would be time
on the cornerstood in the corner, and then straight onto his next spanking
before lunchtime. After all, it was already eleven o'clock, and now she had
two bad little pennies to punish.

The switch fell, and Spencer's body jerked up against Sonya's firm
restraint. Her left arm pinned him more effectively down against his back.
"That was one, Spencer Aaron. You have five more to go." The words had been
as much for her own comfort as for Spencer's.

Sonya aimed, and the switch fell in a different place than before, landing
parellel to the first mark made by the horrible switch. Again the little
body over her lap jerked, tensing, and then relaxed again.

The woman was slow and deliberate in the way that she applied the switch to
Spencer's seven year-old bottom. She was careful not to cross any of the
welted lines she left, preventing actual injury to the rejuve's buttocks.

Finally, the six strokes had been delivered, and Sonya wasted no time. Karin
was still in her own room, and needing and deserving of the usual
post-punishment consolation that Sonya always preferred to offer to her
little pennies. Lifting Spencer, she carried him over to his cornerstool and
deposited him against the sharply spiked pyramids on the top surface,
struggling to ignore his squeal of pain as she fastened his ankles into the
ankle restraints and then buckled his wrists behind him in the wrist
restraints that had been especially added just for this particular stool.
Spencer had made a habit of trying to reach his hands under his bottom to
protect it, and the straps prevented this action.

Then she was gone, leaving the sobbing boy to his own thoughts. She'd come
back later, when she knew that he'd been properly punished. Sonya no longer
offered comfort to the little boy -- she'd grown too used to being rejected
by him -- but she would take him down from the stool and allow him to go and
play until it was time for the lunchtime spankings -- which weren't too far

TOPIC: Mysterious Ways [F/m]

== 1 of 2 ==
Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:20 pm
From: VIDEO-GUY@webt... (~~carl~~)

There's a tv series few years ago called"Mysterious Ways"..with Rae Dawn
Chong. I also wrote a fictional story of the show..about few years ago.
I hope you didn't take my story...and rewrote it?
Not without my permission.

== 2 of 2 ==
Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 11:57 pm
From: "Dr. Grace"  


My use of the line, "Mysterious Ways," is from the old cliche, "the
Lord moves in mysterious ways." I never saw the TV series. I never saw
your story about the show. My story doesn't have anything to do with

Did you read my story? Does it look anything like yours? I don't want
to be hyper-sensitive, but plagiarism is a pretty serious accusation
where I come from. You might want to dig a little deeper before
speculating that two stories with the same title imply that the story
content is the same.

To be perfectly blunt, I don't rewrite other people's stories. I do
well enough all on my own.


On Feb 7, 9:20 pm, VIDEO-...@webt... (~~carl~~) wrote:
> There's a tv series few years ago called"Mysterious Ways"..with Rae Dawn
> Chong. I also wrote a fictional story of the show..about few years ago.
> I hope you didn't take my story...and rewrote it?
> Not without my permission.

TOPIC: Paris Hilton..Bad influence on young girls.

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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:26 pm
From: VIDEO-GUY@webt... (~~carl~~)

I watch alot of entertainment shows E! news..ET..Show Biz
Tonight..Access Hollywood. Well some of these shows always feature Paris
Hilton and other girls having a wild time at parties. Now these shows
like to know is Paris Hilton and the other girls having a bad influence
on young girls?

Well yes..but who will stop girls doing what Paris Hilton and her
girlfriends doing? Girls will be girls no matter what. Parents won't do
nothing...because they don't want their daughters to hate them. I
say...bullshit what their daughters thinks. Be parents..take control.

Who is being the parent..and the child?


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Date: Wed, Feb 7 2007 9:58 pm

From: <s...@age-...>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 15:50:46 -0500
Local: Wed, Feb 7 2007 12:50�pm
Subject: Re: RE Introduction POSSIBLE DECEPTIONS
> � Domino �condemning fantasy. �No question mark since that is not a
> question as is the gender of Domino's only child. �Yea, right! �As for
> being a liar, it was Domino who specifcally denied attacking me in any
> way with some one very shortly thereafter pointing out from the
> Barrister addy how Storm was being sent e-mails insisting that Storm
> cease responding to what I posted. �ANY ONE WISHING TO ASK STORM IF
> Storm was very upset by that situation even though Storm appeared to
> me to be confused as to who was objecting to her activities in this
> group and why they were taking objection to her activities in this
> group.
Actually, I voluntarily killfiled you after all the language about
Barrister, Bonnie, domino and others, frankly, because I liked them
then and
I still DO like them. I didn't receive any such correspondence with

MAILS.    It is possible that Storm's postings differed from how storm
felt towards some here.  Storms likes or dislikes is only something
Storm would know for certain.

When I went offline, I cancelled my web services, which means that you
not have been able to access my e-mail address, and as I was not
during this period of time, you would also not have been able to
access my
computer. It's pretty simple.
DIFFERENTLY.  Headers can be easily forged.�  Then again, and my
apologies if not correct, if the Storm posting currently is not the
same person as the Storm posting here years ago,  that would account
for the lack of knowledge of what was going on here years ago with
Storm.  Would not be the first time that was done here.  I can
certainly understand the objection to some of the language I use
here.  At any rate, not wishing any offense towards Storm and hoping
Storm finds her being here a positive and rewarding experience if it
is the Storm from yeas ago and the same to who ever is socking Storm
if Storm is being socked.

== 2 of 2 ==
Date: Thurs, Feb 8 2007 1:09 am

Storm is NOT being socked. For heaven's sake, anybody can compare my current
writing to my previous writing style. It's definitely me, and I'm the same
Storm from years ago, reposting my OWN stories. However, I never gave anyone
permission to access my computer, and it would be absolutely impossible for
someone to have done so because my computer was not networked in any way,
shape, or form.

Now whether or not you BELIEVE that you were using my computer is something
else entirely, but I can say, without question, that it was not my computer
being accessed, as mine was not connected to the 'net during the period of
time from which I went offline to the point in time when both of my
computers were stolen by our land lord.

I am, without doubt, the same Storm who posted here as early as (I believe)
2001 and as recently (before my "return) as September of 2006. My IP may be
different. I may have a different website now than I did at that point in
time. But the stories are the same as they've always been.

Heck, if I have to log into the old geocities site to prove it to people, I
will. Because as far as I know I'm the only one who has the password for

But it doesn't seem to matter. Those of import know who I am. The same
person I've always been, just four years older now.



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