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Landlords Beware of new PGW liens! [was: [UC] PGW's Landlord entitlement program?]
by MLamond


In a message dated 1/8/06 7:08:13 PM, Krfapt@aol.... writes:
> This has been rescinded, thanks to the efforts of HAPCO (organization of
> small housing providers) and others. It will be necessary to provide PGW with
> information and access to meters for shut-offs of tenant's service. Specifics
> will be forthcoming.
>  Always at your service with bona fide information,
>  Al Krigman
> No, it has absolutely not been rescinded.   It has been delayed, after a huge
amount of work with PGW by the Greater Phila. Assn. of Realtors, HAPCO, and
other groups, who argued, on behalf of landlords, that "100% cooperation should
equal 0 liens."   However, to avoid being liened, a landlord MUST follow the
procedures established by PGW.   Otherwise, YOU WILL BE LIENED, and PGW will
not warn you about your tenants' unpaid bills so that you can handle things
before the lien stage.

Go to
to read more about it.  

All landlords whose tenants have gas service in their own names MUST follow
ALL steps in the "One Year Pilot Program" to be considered a "Cooperating
Landlord."   This means that you have to register all of your apartments with PGW.  
You have to add new wording to your leases telling tenants about the PGW
program and warning them that you will evict them if they don't pay their gas
bills.   You have to check the PGW website frequently to make sure that your
tenants are paying.   If they aren't, and PGW wants to get in to shut off service,
you have to meet them at the property and give them access AND you have to be
willing to evict the tenant if necessary to stop their usage of gas.   It is
a very, very big change in PGW's operations.   All apparently legal, thanks to
a PA law that was passed on Dec. 14, 2004 and went into effect on Dec. 14,

This has not QUITE gone into effect yet, however.   PGW and the lobby groups
are still "tweaking" the language and rules.   Stay tuned.

Melani Lamond

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