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u : 9 January 2006 • 1:19PM -0500

[UC] NID/BID proposal and meeting
by Charles H. Buchholtz



I'm concerned that the NID/BID proposal may not be judged fairly,
because some aspects of the proposal are unclear.  I would like to
hear these issues explained clearly and completely at the next
meeting.  Often, during open "question and answer" sessions, there
isn't time to prepare a clear and complete answer to a surprise
question.  I would like to present these questions in advance, so that
you can prepare clear and complete explanations for the next meeting.

1) If I understand correctly, the NID is considering charging only
those landlords with four or more units in the district, and that the
reasoning is that the cost of collecting the fees makes it impractical
to collect small fees.  This issue is highly charged politically and
emotionally.  Please clarify the issue, and present the numbers that
led to the four unit cut off: cost of fee collection, average fee for
a home-owner, etc.

2) It is difficult for people to support any additional real estate
expense in our current situation.  Energy costs have increased
dramatically, and the real estate tax situation is up in the air.
People would feel more comfortable discussing increased real estate
expenses once the winter was over, and the real estate re-assessment
and tax rate adjustment was complete.  Can the NID/BID proposal be
postponed until these other issues have been resolved?  If not, please
explain the reasons.

3) Currently, the UCD receives significant funding from the major
non-profit businesses in the district.  What assurances do we have
that this voluntary support will not be withdrawn if the NID/BID is
created?  Do we have signed agreements holding the non-profits to
maintain their current funding level in the event that the NID/BID is
approved?  Is there a time limit on these agreements?  Can the NID/BID
be approved with the same time limit, eg, if Penn agrees to maintain
funding for the UCD for five years in the event that the NID/BID is
approved, then the NID/BID is approved for five years only, and must
be re-approved at that time.

4) How will the goals and mission of the BID/NID be set and managed?
Who gets to vote, and what is the procedure (ie, one dollar one vote,
one unit one vote, one person one vote, annually, bi-annually, only
once when the NID/BID is approved).

5) What is the process by which the BID/NID will be approved?  What
opportunities will the landlords in the district have to influence the
decision?  What opportunities will the residents in the district have
to influence the decision?

I look forward to hearing the answers to these questions at the next

--- Chip

Charles Buchholtz
4434 Chestnut Street

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